The History of Gibraltar and of Its Political Relation to Events in Europe, From the Commencement of the Moorish Dynasty in Spain to the Last Morocco War

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66 HISTORY OF GIBRALTAR. consulting the other leaders, seized suddenly upon the fortress. The Moors, unable to resist, abandoned the town, but intrenched themselves in the castle, and prepared to defend their position. At this time the Duke of Medina arrived, intending to accept the surrender in his name; and his anger was great when he found Rodrigo already established in the city.

A violent dispute arose between the two chiefs, each claiming the right of possession; but an arrangement was ultimately arrived at, by which it was agreed that both should enter the castle at the same time, and hoist their standards simultaneously. Accordingly the surrender of the place was accepted, and on the 20th August, 1462, after a comparatively bloodless siege, Gibraltar reverted to the dominion of the Chris- tians. The success of this siege, and the important event of the annexation of Gibraltar to Spain, is attribut- able principally to Alonzo de Arcos.

It was he who originated the expedition, procured the troops, and animated the men by his example when they were disheartened by defeat. His services were not forgot- ten by the nation, and he was afterwards appointed •chief magistrate of Seville by the king. He died in 1477, and was buried in the vault of the Carthusian monastery at Seville. On his tomb was engraved the following inscription:

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