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Hobby chef Lars (38) reviews the HUUSK knife.

As a passionate hobby cook, I am always looking for ways to improve my cooking skills and optimise my kitchen work. I have learned over the years that the difference between a good meal and an excellent one often comes down to the details, and one of those important details is the tools you use. The knife I hold in my hand is not just a tool for me. It is an extension of my hand, an essential companion that guides me through my culinary adventures.

A good knife is the backbone of any kitchen. It’s a tool that comes into play at pretty much every meal I prepare. Whether it’s carefully dicing vegetables for a stew, precisely slicing meat for a perfectly prepared meal, or delicately chopping herbs to enhance the flavour of my dishes, each of these tasks requires a sharp, well-made knife.

A knife is not only a tool, but also an expression of culture and tradition. Different knives have their origins in different cultures – Japanese knives like the Santoku or the Nakiri, French knives like the classic chef’s knife or German knives like the Wüsthof or Henckels. Each of these knives tells a story – a story of craftsmanship, tradition and passion for good food.

huusk knife

A few months ago, I came across a knife that caught my attention – the Huusk knife. With its unique, unconventional design and Japanese origins, the Huusk knife seemed to be an intriguing blend of tradition and innovation. I was curious to see how this knife would perform in my kitchen. Would it live up to my expectations? Would it improve my cooking process and take my culinary skills to the next level? With these questions in mind, I decided to buy the Huusk knife and integrate it into my kitchen routine.

In this review, I will share my experience with the Huusk knife. I will discuss the design, handling, performance and care of this knife in detail. My goal is to give you a comprehensive look at my experience with the Huusk knife and help you decide if this knife is right for you. Because at the end of the day, a really good knife is not just about the sharpness of the blade or the material of the handle, but also about how well it suits you and your way of cooking.

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Huusk knives review UK

After the Huusk knife arrived in my kitchen and I picked it up for the first time, I was immediately drawn to its unique and appealing design. The knife is carefully constructed and reflects a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern style.

The blade is the soul of any knife, and the Huusk blade is no exception. The 15 cm blade is made of Japanese stainless steel, a material known for its excellent hardness and edge retention. The knife blade is uniquely curved and reminiscent of traditional samurai swords, a clear allusion to the Japanese roots of the Huusk knife.

The Huusk blade is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. The curved shape allows for a variety of cutting techniques and increases efficiency when cutting different foods. With this blade, I can effortlessly cut precise, thin slices of meat or fish, which is especially useful when preparing sushi or carpaccio.

The handle of the Huusk UK knife is another aspect that caught my attention. Made from solid oak, the handle not only offers a sturdy and comfortable feel, but also adds an element of rustic aesthetic that fits well with my kitchen décor. The natural grain of the wood makes each Huusk knife unique and adds a personal touch.

The shape of the handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. This is particularly important as a good grip helps to improve control over the knife and reduce the risk of injury. During longer cooking sessions, I have found that the Huusk knife’s handle does not fatigue my hand, which is a big plus for me.

Overall, the eye-catching design of the Huusk knife not only gives it a high recognition value, but also adds to the functionality and comfort of the knife. This is a rare combination that I particularly appreciate about Huusk.

The sharpness of the blade

Without a doubt, one important aspect that every chef must consider in a knife is the sharpness of the blade. Not only is a sharp knife more efficient and precise, it is also safer to use as it is less likely to slip and cause injury. In my experience with the Huusk knife, I was impressed from the start with the sharpness of the blade and how it held up over time.

The blade of the Huusk knife comes extremely sharp out of the box. When I first tested it with some vegetables and meat, I found that it cut effortlessly through a wide variety of foods. Whether it’s hard root vegetables like carrots and potatoes or tough meat, the Huusk knife handles these tasks with ease.

Even more remarkable is that the blade retains its sharpness even after several months of intensive use. I use the knife almost daily and although there are some signs of wear, the cutting performance remains almost unchanged. This speaks to the quality of the steel used and the craftsmanship that goes into making the Huusk knife.

Sharpening the blade

Of course, even the sharpest blade requires care to maintain its cutting properties. I have found that the Huusk knife is relatively easy to sharpen, although it does require a certain amount of skill to achieve the correct sharpening angle. An occasional re-sharpening with a suitable whetstone is sufficient to maintain optimum sharpness.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the sharpness of the Huusk blade. It has met and exceeded my expectations in terms of cutting performance, and it has made preparing my meals easier and more efficient.


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The handling of a knife is a crucial aspect that significantly affects the cooking experience. A knife that handles well allows us to cut with confidence and precision, while a poorly balanced or awkward knife can make cutting a laborious task. In my experience with the Huusk knife, I found the handling particularly impressive.

The ergonomically shaped oak handle of the Huusk knife provides a secure and comfortable grip. The wood feels pleasant in the hand and is not slippery, even when my hand is wet. This gives me confidence that the knife will not slip out of my hand and potentially cause injury.

As for the weight of the knife, it is well balanced, which makes it effortless to handle. Despite its robust appearance, the Huusk knife is not heavy, which helps me to hold it comfortably even during longer cooking sessions.

Another plus point of the Huusk knife is its flexibility. Thanks to the curved shape of the blade, the knife is not only suitable for cutting, but also for chopping and mincing ingredients. This makes it a versatile tool in my kitchen that I can use for a variety of tasks.

Finally, but no less important, the cleaning of the Huusk knife is simple and straightforward. Although it is not dishwasher safe (which is common for high-quality knives), it is easy to clean by hand. It is sufficient to rinse it under running water after each use and then dry it carefully to avoid rust.

Overall, the Huusk knife met my expectations in terms of handling. Its comfortable handle, balanced weight and versatility make it a joy to work with and help make my cooking experiences more enjoyable and productive.

Possible uses

A knife’s versatility in terms of what it can be used for can make the difference between it becoming an indispensable tool in the kitchen or just being pulled out of the drawer occasionally. In my use of the Huusk knife, I was impressed by its wide range of uses and how well it is suited to different cooking tasks.

  1. Cutting fruit and vegetables: The sharpness and shape of the Huusk blade makes it ideal for cutting fruit and vegetables. It glides effortlessly through hard vegetables like carrots and potatoes and makes equally easy cuts through softer fruits like apples and pears
  2. Preparing meat: When it comes to meat, the Huusk knife has also convinced here. Precisely carving roasts or cutting raw meat is no problem with the Huusk knife. Even skinning poultry or deboning fish succeeds effortlessly.
  3. Fine chopping and dicing: Thanks to its sharp blade and comfortable handle, the Huusk knife is ideal for fine chopping and dicing. It allows for precise cuts, which is especially important when you need finely chopped onions for a sauce or diced vegetables for a soup.
  4. Cutting bread: Surprisingly, the Huusk knife has also proved useful for cutting bread. Although it is not a typical serrated bread knife, it can cut cleanly through most types of bread without crushing the crust or tearing apart the inside.
  5. Preparation of sushi and sashimi: Due to its Japanese origin and the quality of the blade, the Huusk knife is ideal for preparing sushi and sashimi. It enables the clean cutting of fish and the precise shaping of sushi, which is crucial for these traditional Japanese dishes.
  6. Slicing and dicing: The Huusk knife is ideal for slicing and dicing vegetables. The curved blade allows for efficient cradle cutting, while the sharp edge ensures precise and clean cuts. From onions and garlic to peppers and tomatoes, this knife handles all these tasks with ease.
  7. Preparing meat and fish: With its sharp, sturdy blade, the Huusk knife is also excellent for cutting meat and fish. Whether you’re slicing a roast, shredding chicken breasts or preparing fish fillets, the Huusk knife makes clean, precise cuts that preserve the quality of your ingredients.
  8. Chopping herbs: The wide, flat blade of the Huusk knife is perfect for chopping herbs. You can finely chop your herbs without crushing them, which helps to preserve their flavour and aroma.
  9. Chopping nuts and bones: The Huusk knife is sturdy enough to chop harder foods like nuts or small bones. While I wouldn’t recommend it for chopping large bones or cutting frozen foods (specialised knives would be better for that), it has been excellent for most everyday kitchen tasks.
  10. Precise cutting: Thanks to its sharp blade and the excellent control it offers, the Huusk knife is also great for precise cutting tasks. Whether you are preparing thin slices of vegetables for a salad or fine slices of meat for a carpaccio, this knife makes it easy to achieve precise cuts.

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