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Links With The Past - Scandinavians in New Zealand Links With The Past - Scandinavians in New Zealand
Category BMD, Birth, Burial, and 3 moreFamily & Biographies, Histories, Military
Date 1800's, and 1900's
Location Denmark, and New Zealand
1989 On behalf of the Scandinavian Club of Hawkes Bay we should like to
thank sincerely all who have contributed to this book. The original
impetus came from a competition run as part of the preparations for"the
Fourth Scandinavian Gathering held at the Hawkes Bay Polytechnic over the
4-5 March 1989. Entrants were asked to write down their knowledge or
memories of anything to do with their Scandinavian heritage: for some

families this was the first time such things had been committed to paper,
and some were kind enough to thank us for giving them the incentive.

We should like to thank Diane Hebley for judging the competition and
for being most helpful with comments and suggestions. May we point out
that some of the stories printed arrived after the closing date and so were
not submitted to the judge. Our thanks go to those who lent us precious
family photographs and to Martin Crysell who made the copies. Stanton
Speedprint have also been very helpful to us throughout the whole project.

Editing has been kept to a minimum. We have printed all contributions
without exception, and have omitted only such material as was repeated
either within the story or between ...
A Letter to a Certain Eminent British Sailor, OccasionD by His Specimen of Naked Truth A Letter to a Certain Eminent British Sailor, OccasionD by His Specimen of Naked Truth
Category Letters
Date 1700's
Location United Kingdom, and England
H O’ I do not intend at thi$
Time to make myfelf known to
iSssSSa you, I think myfelf obliged to
take fome Notice of your late
Performance: The rather, becaufe iince you have been pleafed to acquitthe Secretary, upon his Gentleman-like Apology, (a) from having his Pen ting'd with a
Gall flowing from his own Mind, (b) I am
not fure you do not confider me as that maB licious

{a) Vide Specimen, p. 24. (b) ibid. r 4 ]

licious and indujlrious Agent, by whofe opera
tive Malice you have been hunted out of your
Command (c). Leaving you, however, to
your own Con'je&ures on that Head, and to
the Expe&ation of that happy Providence
which in the Courfe of T*ime is to make the
Difcovery, I fhall proceed with all the Temper J am Jvfa-fter of, and with that due Regard to y0i*r Merit and Perfpn I have profefs’d in my Title.

Having mentioned my own Title, you
muft indulge me the making a few Remarks
on yours,; you hiuft forgive mfe if in the Affectation that appears in it (which you, Sir,
I doubt nor, ...
Manual of Laws Relating to Private Claims Against the State of New York, 1884 Manual of Laws Relating to Private Claims Against the State of New York, 1884
Category Directories, Histories, Organizational, and 1 moreSociety & Organization
Date 1800's
Location United States, and New York

such claims as were formerly cognizable by the Statg Board of
Audit, provided they shall be filed on or before July 1,1884, and
shall not have accrued more than six years prior to such filing.
It has all the jurisdiction and power to hear and determine
claims against the State, formerly possessed by the Canal
Appraisers and the State Board of Audit. It has jurisdiction
of all claims on the part of the State against any person making
a claim against the State before, said Board. It has exclusive
jurisdiction of all private claims against the State, arising in any
manner, from any and all acts and proceedings, under the Laws
of 1878, 1879 and 1884, entitled “An act in relation to infectious
and contagious diseases of cattle.” • It has jurisdiction to
determine the claims of the State for balances due on the books
of the Comptroller, from Clinton, Kings, Putnam, Richmond
and Schuyler counties. It has jurisdiction of all claims for
private lands, streams or waters appropriated by the State after
May 22, 1884, in which claims shall be filed within two years
after service of notice of sucb appropriation upon the claim­
ants. It has jurisdiction to hear and determine all appeals to
the ...
Letters to a Daughter; and a Little Sermon to Schoolgirls Letters to a Daughter; and a Little Sermon to Schoolgirls
Category Letters
Date 1800's
Location United States, and Illinois
English language all such incongrui­
ties and blemishes of speech as I have
Referring once more to what I have
said about obtrusiveness, forwardness,
or boldness, being an unpleasant char­
acteristic of the manners of many
young people of the present day, I want
to impress upon you that much of this
boldness arises from lack of deference
or reverence for parents, teachers, and
older people. This lack of deference is
a great defect of character in any young
person. It is painfully noticeable in
many homes where children never seem
to think of paying any respect to the
presence of their parents or older peo­
ple; where they will monopolize con­
versation at table, interrupt their par­
ents and guests to ask irrelevant ques­
tions or relate irrelevant incidents,
enter a room abruptly, and, without
waiting to learn whether any one is
speaking, at once begin to speak of
something pertaining to their own af­
fairs. All this is bad behavior and bad
manners. It is morally wrong as well.
God has commanded that we shall hon­
or our father and m other; and one
beautiful precept of scripture is, “ Thou
shalt rise ...
A Record of Spanish Painting A Record of Spanish Painting
Category Family & Biographies, Histories, and Local or Place
Date 1500's, 1600's, 1700's, and 1 more1800's
Location Spain

I n writing the history of Spanish painting, I have striven
to recount the growth of the country’s art from the stand­
point of historical evolution. It seemed to me that such a
work was needed. The pictures of Spain are, in a very
special degree, the outgrowth of the national life, and the
distinctive character of the country's record has given
them a specific interest. It is not over-stating the truth to
say that Spain is the land where the seed was sown for
the artistic harvest we are reaping to-day. It is these
thoughts that have guided me while writing this record.
I have not tried to give a chronological account of
every Spanish painter. This work has already been
achieved by Sir William Stirling-Maxwell in the Annals
of the Artists of Spain. 1 have never hesitated to omit
those painters whose work to me seemed insignificant and
without meaning in the development of the art-life of the
Those who know the obscurity which still shadows
Spanish painting will appreciate the difficulties that beset
the critic in striving to gain accurate information,
especially of the early and little-known painters. It is
perhaps useless to apologise for work ...

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