With the help of our partners and community members just like you, Mocavo is changing the way you discover your family history.

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Our team has built one of the largest search engines in the world. We created the
development blog to share our experiences with the community.

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The Team Behind Mocavo

For years, valuable information has either been held behind expensive subscription fees, scattered across hard to find websites, or gathering dust and deteriorating in attics and basements. Meet the team that is bringing that content online for the world to see and share.

Our Investors

We have an amazing team of investors and mentors that helped shape our company from day one.
After Techstars Boulder 2011, we raised a $1m seed round and then a Series A from Foundry Group.

  • Dave Carlson
  • Dave McClure – 500 Startups
  • David Bonderman
  • David Cohen – Bullet Time
  • Jared Polis
  • Michael Zeisser
  • Nancy Pierce
  • Nicholas Wyman
  • Seth Levine – Foundry Group
  • Troy Henikoff
  • Walt Pounds
  • Walt Winshall

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