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Annual Catalog of McKendree College 1922-1932 Yearbooks
Commodore, Matthew Fontaine Maury High School, 1953 Yearbooks
East Bridgewater High School, Torch, 1974 Yearbooks
Kemhisco, Kempsville High School, 1941 Yearbooks
Marshallite, John Marshall High School, 1935 Yearbooks
Sandspur, Creeds High School, 1949 Yearbooks
The Blue and Gray: W-L High School Arlington Virginia Yearbook (Volume 1939) Yearbooks
The Blue and Gray: W-L High School Arlington Virginia Yearbook 1951 Yearbooks
The Panther, Henderson Institute 1957 Yearbooks
The Quaker, Guilford College 1918 Yearbooks
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Come face to face with the teenage version of your ancestors.

High school yearbooks introduce you to a whole different person than the ancestor you may know. Yearbooks can provide quotes, superlatives, club activities, sports, nicknames and more! Was your grandmother head cheerleader, or perhaps student body president? Find out now!

Access all the awkwardness

We’ll give you a whole new perspective on “the college years”.

We have thousands of colleges and universities in our collection. Dates and events are great for tracking down ancestors, but college yearbooks let you know more about who your relatives were, almost like you can travel back in time and meet them yourself.

See your ancestors in their formative years

About Mocavo Yearbook Collection

Source Information and Citation

This database is comprised of numerous previously-published books. To cite information you find in this database, you should include both the information about the database and the information about the original publication. A suggested citation would be: “Yearbooks” (online database, Boulder, Col.: Mocavo, 2012), Orig. Pub.: Orient (Muncie, Ind.: Ball State University, 1938) p. 351.

About the Database

This database contains almost 17,000 books. They come from middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, preparatory schools, colleges and universities, and other organizations from around the United States and Canada.

The information contained in yearbooks will vary by time period and location. Among the information you might find:

  • Full Names
  • Home addresses
  • Nicknames
  • Photographs

Yearbooks can provide a great view of your ancestor at a specific moment in time, usually when they are in their youth. You can see what activities they participated in. Sometimes students provided quotes or other insights to their dreams for the future.

One thing that researchers often forget is that students are not the only people you will find in yearbooks. The faculty and staff of the institution are also often included. If you have ancestors who were teachers, administrators, cooks, janitors, or other school employees, you may be able to find images or other information about your ancestors in yearbooks.

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