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Help with marriage certificate

I would really appreciate help finding a marriage record for Avery Grover HAYMORE and William Henry SMITH of Dry Fork, Pittsylvania Co., VA; married  24 Apr 1889.  If someone can point me in the right direction or provide me with a copy,  I would greatly appreciate it.
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i need help locating mary margaret gilbert my mom and my 4 children last name estep

I am dying with lung ca. and have been trying for years to find my mother, Mary Margaret.  She and my father were from W VA.  We lived in Columbus, Ohio; I was in the military during Vietnam and spent year overseas.  My ex-wife Patricia was a Murphee originally from Yuma,Az. I remember an Uncle Dutch and Pam.  My mom was also married to a Howell. Please call 740-773-1141 x7452 and leave message with my social worker. Read More


Anyone who might know of the 'FOWE's"in New Jersey?

I have found a lot of 'Fowe's' in America who came from England in the 1800's and 1900's who settled in Louisiana, New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Texas. I can't find any of their relatives! My line is from Harrison and Lucrecia (Hudsmith) Fowe who came to California in the early 1900's and had 5 children. I do have some 2nds and 3rd cousins in Washington State. From my research we had a distant cousin on the Mayflower who was William Brewster, whose mother a 'Fowe" from around Essex, England. Could anyone help me fine any 'Fowe's' that might still live here in America. I don't know of any still living or if they ever had lived in FOWEY, England. There is a street in London that is called "Fowey". I do know there isn't any 'Fowe's buried in the Fowey, England cemetery. Most of the 'Fowe's' are Hertforshire, Essex, General, Nottinghamshire, Dorest, Middlesex, London and Mottingham. Help would be appreciated. Thank you Read More


Murder Mystery of Sheryl

I have been trying for the last four years to find info about my aunt Sheryl Lynn Wiseman who was "born in Los Angeles, 29 May 1951, mothers maiden name Kellett. Death 30 Jul 1976 - Death Certificate #33585" Read More


looking for great grandfather

looking for any info. on smith simpson richards born in 1825,in south carolina. married to sarah webb Read More


i need help finding the parents of stephen c. culver. born in 1836. in connecticut. passes away in 1924 in connecticut.

his wife was Helen l (young) culver born in 1836. passed away in1911. both of them from Norwich, Connecticut. I have looked every where and tried everything I could think of to find them. thank you. Read More


theodore Ralph King

Im looking for any information regarding my great grandparents John King And Imola Nadine Bartlett they lived in Oklahoma had a son named Theodore Ralph King. Dont have anything else to go on other than at one point they lived in Oklahoma. ty Read More


looking for info.

looking for any information on smith simpson richards. Read More


Looking for Swedish Immigrant Ancestor

My third great-grandfather was John Dahlgren. He was born in Sweden on November 26, 1856. In 1890, he married Ida Christina Peterson in Bessemer, Michigan. I am looking for John's father, and have hit a complete dead end. Family legend states that in Sweden, the family last name was Anderson, and that upon their arrival in America, the entire family took John's mother's maiden name, Dahlgren. It also states that his parents were John and Mary. I do not have any sources to prove or disprove any of this. I do not even know for certain if his parents ever left Sweden. If anyone can find any documentation regarding John Dahlgren that would provide any information about his parents, I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you so much,
Amanda Dahlgren
Decatur, Georgia
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need help with my maternal grandmother

Edna C A Meyer hehmeyer  is my maternal grandmother.  I would like to find out  what does the C A stand for.  in the 1900 census the C A shows up, but not in 1910 or 20.  According to Adams county courthouse she has no birth record, no middle name on marriage certificate, or death certificate.  If anyone was any ideas on where to find the answer I would be grateful.  Debbie if you are in quincy could you look up the obituary and see if it is listed there. She married Herman Gustav Hehmeyer in 1916 in quincy. born in 1897 died 1923 in a TB Sanitarium.  Left 3 children Gladys Elizabeth, Helen Marie, Clifford.  Ages 2, 4, and 6.  Read More


Bayonne obituary

I am looking for an obituary/death notice for a Daniel Burke, likely died the first week of January 1917. He was buried in Connecticut on January 8 and the only info I have is that his body was brought from Bayone on Friday (5th). Notice mentioned a widow.  Looking for details on death, wife's name. I found some online versions of the Bayonne Herald, but not available for 1917. I would be interested also if a local directory might have his/wife's name. Thanks Read More


Abraham Haynes

My name is Mike Haynes, I am trying to find information on Abraham Haynes. He was born in Maryland in 1775, married Alice Canaday then married Lucinda Bays.  Lucinda and Abraham had a son, Simeon and he was born in Georgia in 1835. They moved to Talladega County Alabama and Abraham is buried near Ashland, Al. 
Any information would be helpful. 
Thanking you in advance.

Mike Haynes
(256) 354-9126
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Dixon family of Elizabeth, NJ

I am looking for information about the family of William A. Dixon (b. 1863, d. 1927) and Mary Elizabeth Kline Dixon (b. 1867, d. 1938). They lived in Elizabeth, NJ. Their children, as best I can tell, were: Minnie E. (b. 1883), William C. (b. 1885), Viola or Clara Viola (b. 1892),  John F. (b. 1895), Thomas (b. 1897), Wallace B., my grandfather (b. 1905), and Hazel (b. 1909). I know a great deal about my grandfather, Wallace B., but very little about his siblings and parents. If you have any information on Dixons in New Jersey, I'd be grateful to know it. Thank you! Read More


In search of my great grandfather John A or B Davis

According to the 1880 Washington County, Maryland Census John Davis was married to my great grandmother Anna (Nancy) Davis (her maiden name Cramer), They had children Norman B. Mary J. Louisa A., and Clara E.  after the 1880 census John appears no where, On all of Anna's childrens death certificates he is noted as father.  She remarried in 1908? to Mr. Robert L. Black, stating that she was a widow.  1990 census states she is a widow.  I can't find any marriage records for her and Mr. Davis, nor can I find a death or cemetery record for him...He is my brick wall.  He may have been the son of James Lindley Davis and Emma Davis who are on the 1860 census with a son John 7 years old in Hagerstown, MD, and the 1870 census as well. Read More


Unknown death record Clyde Matthews

I am searching for my grandfather Clyde Matthews unknown death record Clyde Herbert Matthews quite possibly in 1983 can you help find, also could find any photo.
Thank you 
Allison Smith
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searching for information on lewis howes dykeman

very hard to track this man down... Read More


Unable to Locate Records for "Peake" (Great -Grandmother)

My Grandfather( George Patrick Kinney )b-3/29/1927 d-5/19/2002. Only have mothers last name, which is ( Peake ). He was born in Inyo County. The only record I could find is a INDEX file listing her maiden name only. He also has his sister ( Betty May Kinney) b-1938. It is unknown if she is alive. This is the only block to finishing his family tree. Thank You. Linda Duke- Thompson' Read More


William Wallace and Mary Jane (Jones) Wallace

I am trying to find out more information on William Wallace. I know he was born Jan. 17, 1825 in Ireland (would love to know what county) and came to the US in 1847. He married Mary Jane Jones in Pittsburgh, Pa. Some time between 1859 - 1863 they moved to Iola, WI. I know that William was given land by a relative (would love to know who). I would also like to know the ship that William came over on. Any help would be appreciated!  Read More


Leticia? Or ANYONE that knows what happened to my Dad?

The last time I seen my daddy, I was 6yrs old and my sister Toni was 9yrs old. 
He used to live in SOUTH GATE, CA. 

His body was found in BURBANK, CA, 
Does anyone know how to locate Leticia? 
What really happened to my daddy? And WHY? 

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Looking for Burgin family

Looking. For other family member's to add to family tree Read More


Obituaries - Death Records Las Animas County, CO

I am trying to see if there is anyone in or near Las Animas County that would know, or could find where to get obituaries and possibly newspaper accounts of deaths or death notices. There are a few people I am looking for:
Annie G. (Norman) Quisenberry, wife of Edward Quisenberry. Would have died between 1889-1895. I am not positive she even died in Colorado. Just trying to find evidence of any kind really.
George WIlliam Norman, died 3 May 1919, Trinidad. (Wife is Charity (Nighswonger) Norman).
Charity (Nighswonger) Norman, died 21 September 1922, Trinidad. 

THANK YOU for any help you may be able to give!
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Carrie Vera Viva Weatherlow, 1890 in Sardinia, n.y. Died 1933, married names Tharnish & Schumaker.  Frank C. Schumaker, 1884 in silver creek, n.y. Read More


Any Information on Clyde Herbert Matthews such as photos or gravesite

Clyde Herbert Matthews born in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1888 and died in 1983 IN May would like to know where he is buried so I could link him with his wife Goldyn  in California thank you   Read More


David Allen b. 1835 in North Carolina, USA d.1880 in Richland, Beaufort, North Carolina, United States

I am trying to find out where David Allen was born exactly and who his father and mother were, and, where they were born. Read More