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Looking info about my grandmother Ann Lee Lawler, Fowe Corbran and ?

Anne Lee Lawler married my grandfather around 1917 in Los Angeles.  Ann Lee was born in Saline, Missouri. Ann Lee was in Bakersfield, California in 1916. Her parents were Eli and Maggie (Morris) Lawler. Ann Lee and Orval Dennis Fowe had 2 sons, Charles and Orval Glenn (who was my father). After Orval Dennis Fowe died on Feb. 28, 1920, she married ? (maybe John) Corbran, in Los Angeles. Ann Lee and ? had Ernest and Benjamin. After ? Corbran dies in about 1935 she married ? Bertslinger. I don't know the if the correct spelling of Bertslinger, is right. I do not know where she lived, maybe in Compton, California or around that area when she died. I don't know where she is buried, but Orval Dennis is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Compton California. I don't think she had a Social Security card. She worked as a domestic in different homes.. Read More


Josiah Darling d. 21 Sept 1868 in Morristown, Lamoille, VT copy of Probate file

I was wondering if anyone in the area would be willing to get a copy of the probate/will for Josiah Darling, who died in 1868. I am trying to verify the names of his children and where they were living when he died. I am willing to pay for this - just trying to find someone to help with it.

Thanks, Theresa Hubbell
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Andrew J McLean (need only his DOD/Place of Death) His grave/his wife/children/parents/siblings all found & fully researched.

Andrew J McLean
Find A Grave Memorial# 112246153

Andrew's last known census 1880 with his wife Abby.   Muskegon Michigan Fed/State - there is no 1890 census that I could find anywhere to see if Andrew was alive for the 1890 census.  Having a 1990 Muskegon Census would narrow down the DOD or state that his wife and he were divorced. 

Andrew's wife Abby remarried in Oct 1893.  So either Andrew divorced his wife or died between 1880-1893.   Abby's 2nd marriage was not happy. There are 1901/1902 Muskegon newspaper articles about Charles Harlan Squires in contempt of court for leaving his wife destitute.   Abby Squires is buried next to her first husband Andrew. 

1.  The cemetery manager cannot find the date of burial on Andrew although he is buried next to her.  I have her email confirming that fact.   So no DOD from there.

2.  The Muskegon County Vital Records too my money and said no Andrew McLean/McLane/McLain/McClain died between 1880-1893 in Muskegon.  So no DOD there.  I am not sure Muskegon Vital Records is trustworthy.  It is iffy if the clerk looked effectively to see if an Andrew J McLean/McLane/McLain/McClain died in Muskegon.   No DOD here.

3. I had a friend go to Andrew/Abby's cemetery to get Andrew's DOD from his headstone.   There are narrow rectangular holes in the ground...all in a neat row where their headstones used to be.   They were stolen.  So his DOD could not be gotten from the headstone.

Andrew McLean's census spelled his name wrong several times.
1860 and 1870 is McLane.  1880 is Mc Lain (exactly like this).  1890 is missing.  Fire destroyed fed 1890 Muskegon census and I cannot find a Michigan state 1890 Muskegon census.

One World Tree lists Andrew's DOB as 8 September 1839 and that he died of cancer of the lip.  Could not confirm ...except that is fits the census dates.  His mother lived in Howell Livingston County New York at time of Andrew's birth so that is his assumed place of birth.  His father is buried there. 

If anyone can find the date of death/place of death for Andrew J McLean, it would solve a huge mystery.    treelover4@yahoo.com

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Obituary and/or death info from 1937

Looking for death info, obituary and/or newspaper article re Forrest (Forest) Manning.
Born July 12, 1926 in Minnesota and died May 5, 1937 in Klamath.  Family history states he died as the result of a bicycle accident. He is listed in the Oregon Death Index with a certificate number of 134. Mother was Leona Schultz Manning and father was Peter Manning.
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looking for elbert starks children mother,name was mattie

children were ,alma,lillie mary ,Lucinda,lucille,leon, Jacob,l.c. and elbert starks jr. Read More


Allen D. Luther lived Hackensack, Bergen County, NJ 1840- Civil War Vet NY Unit

  Looking to confirm that this Allen Luther is son of James Luther and Mary Parkhurst who were married in Milford, Massachusetts, and lived in Canaan, Essex, VT.  Allen D. Luther of New Jersey is listed as an heir in the probate file of his brother Aaron, who died in Guildhall, Essex, VT on Sept. 3, 1843. 

Looking for perhaps a death record 1840-1850 for the Allen D. Luther who lived in Hackensack in 1840.  Open to other suggestions.

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Grace A. Tupper's obituary Oct-Nov 1990

I have seen that there are three places that Grace's obituary was published:

Arizona Republic, Section B4, 29 Oct 1990
Phoenix Gazette, Section B4, 01 Nov 1990
Mesa Tribune, Section B 28-Oct 1990

I inquired at the Mesa Library and was told it costs $15.00 to search for this obituary (even though I know exactly when and where it appeared). I am hoping someone can find one of these without the search fee and send it to me.

Thanks so much for your time!
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Barlow records in Texas

If anyone is in the Cottle county area of Texas I am looking for any records of my grandfathers birth or great grandfathers death record. Read More


Why do I keep coming up with "No results found" when I am simply trying to find the birth record?

What should I put in the "keyword" box to help the search?  Why doesn't my searches have any results?  How can I find and connect with other possible members who may have already started a Family Tree with more results and progress than I? Read More


Obituary for John V. Cole - Calhoun Georgia

I know that an obituary exists for John V. Cole who died in Calhoun, Georgia 29 Aug 2007. It was published in the Calhoun Times 1 Sep 2007. Ancestry has a link to the obituary but it is now broken so cannot see it. Thanks! Read More


Gardner vs Gardner Lawsuit-1852

I need copies of a Chancery Court suit that was settled in March 1852 for Gardner vs Gardner from the court house.  It could be lengthy as I think it went on for 20 years.  Let me know how much and where to send money for obtaining the copies and for mailing it.  If it is a lot of pages, please send it flat rate priority mail because they don't weigh it. Read More


Sheryl Wiseman

Looking to find out any thing about the death of Sheryl Lynn Wiseman died july 1976 . or any info on the Wiseman family Read More


Need verified father of Cornelius Shuler

I am doing family history on Shuler's and cannot find the verified Father of Cornelius Shuler born 1807 in Fredrick Co VA.  We think it is one of a long list of Conrad Shuler's, but cant find out.  Read More


Larson Family

I am looking for any information on Robert Leslie Larson Sr. His parents were John and Anna Larson. He was married to Mildred Brown. His sons were Robert Leslie Larson Jr. (my father) and John Larson and I believe a half brother Donald. I know Robert Sr. was in various nursing homes starting will Fairfield Hills beginning in the 1960's. I believe they lived in the Blackrock turnpike area. Looking for any documents, especially any photos of my Robert Sr. Also looking for any family info on Mildred Brown, my grandmother. I know she died of TB but I don't know much about her side of my family. Also John and Anna were from Sweden. Trying to find out when they arrived and if they were married here or in sweden. Thank you for any help and info you can give.
Lori Larson McMurtrie
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Looking for info on Lemuel Cyrus Johnson, Jr., born 12-27-1951

We went to school together.  Would love to get back in touch! Read More


Looking for any information on William Ulman

Looking for any information regarding William Ulman and any children he may have had and any other helpful information that would help me with my family history. Read More


Looking for any/all info on Jack Joseph McMillin

born 5/20/1928 Delaware, Ohio but where in Delaware Ohio?  name of the place?
what's the name of the schools he went to before he moved to California?
his fathers name was Oscar Kelly McMillin.
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1900 Census needed/Court info needed possibly


I am researching the Furey/Furay line in my family tree and I have had a difficult time tracking down the 1900 US Federal Census online.

The specific people that I am trying to locate are:

Addie E Furey (or Furay), maiden name Kelly. b. Steuben Co., NY in 1855
Niles K Furey (or Furay), b. Aug 23, 1890 in Milwaukee, WI
(mother and son)

I know that they were living in Los Angeles, CA. I have located William Furey (Niles' father and Addie's husband; he was born approx Jan 1840 in Ireland) in the 1900 census in California, however he was not residing with Addie and Niles. 

I have tracked down some newspaper articles from December 1896, which indicated that William Furey of Los Angeles had been arrested for the attempted poisoning of his mother-in-law, Mary E Kelley (Addie's mother). By January 1897, it appears as though he had been released as there was no evidence of an attempted poisoning. I am completely in the dark as to what happened to the family after that. How would one go about obtaining court records in regards to this incident?

It does not appear that William ever resided with Addie and Niles again. It is unclear if William and Addie divorced or remained married. I have found no documentation of a divorce. Addie did end up collecting William's Civil War Pension when he died on March 21, 1922 in Los Angeles. To me that indicates that they may have remained married? 

I would be very grateful for any assistance someone could provide for me.


Courtney Hildebrand
(great granddaughter of Niles K Furay)

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Looking for Frances Utley

Looking for Frances Utley (1917-2009) who is my son's paternal grandmother. She had two Utley children, Frances Antoinette and Gordon. She later married Milo W. McNew  in 1941 and the children assumed that surname. Don't have information on her early life in Washginton. Her birth name is Zeigenfoos. Read More


Need obit for Mr Moore, Denver, CO 1930-1940

 I live out of state and am hoping to find someone who would be willing to look for an obit in the Denver Post or Rocky Mountain News between 1930 and 1940. I have a list of dates and page/sections. Mr Moore was murdered in Denver, he was some type of gangster and was married to my great aunt Margaret McCarthy.   Read More


Missing Uncle

My uncle Lawrence Legare drowned in Franklin County, NY Town of Altamont.  He was born about 1914 And died before he was 20.  If yuou can help me with information it would be greatly appreciated

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great great grandfather August Martin Storhoff

August Martin  Storhoff immigrated here from Norway, possibly Lillehammer or nearby, his name comes up in the Minnesota census. maybe he met up with his family there before moving to Poulsbo, WA. He married Anna Peterson (Pedersdtr) Tallagsen a widow who immigrated here from Arendal Norway. Read More


need help with great grand father

I need help to find out where my great grand father Cornelious Bontiel was born and died.  His daughter, Clara Schreffler lived in Wichita but I can never find her father and would like to know him. Read More


Help finding my Great Grandparents - Edward Pierce and Elizabeth Barrett

Edward Pierce born abt 1847 in MA married abt 1880 to  Elizabeth (Lizzie) M. Barrett born abt. 1864 in NY. Children: William abt 1882, Alice abt 1884, Eva abt. 1886, James abt 1888, Edward abt 1891, Elizabeth abt 1893, Emma abt 1895, George abt 1898 and a Female 1900.  All of the children born in New Jersey.  Something happened between 1900 and 1910 as my Grandfather - George and his sister Emma were adopted by Hugh and Clementine Phillips in Maryland.  They are on the 1900 census with their biological parents but then in 1910 show on the census with the Hugh and Clemtine McMichael as adopted.  I think my Grandfather thought his parents died in an accident.  I cannot find anything on either Edward Pierce or his wife Elizabeth after the birth of their last child on 7/11/1900 or any of the other children other than Emma who married and died at a young age..  Edward and Elizabeth would be my great grandparents.  I am trying to find the answers of what happened to this family and why.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance. Read More


looking for my dad.i was in fostercare

My mom got on drugs and I was taken and adopted out .my biological mom died and never told me sbout him.I got the name ffrom the origin a l birth certificate .That is all I know. Please help me.My. phone is (513) 203-8004 and my email is mariyahmaddox@icloud.com. Read More