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Mocavo offers free scanning of your historical and genealogical documents! We scan books, documents and any standard-size paper sheets to bring them online for you and the rest of the Mocavo Community. Please read below for instructions and some limitations to this service.

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6th Infantry Division - Military Yearbook

Upon showing an interest in her family’s past, Mocavo community member Olivia inherited her Grandfather’s Military Yearbook as a family hand-me-down. Sadly, both of her Grandfathers passed away before she was born, but her family kept documents and pictures to add personality to the stories of her ancestors. As she learned more details about her Grandfather, she was inspired to pay tribute to him by writing a book about his life. She hopes by sending in his yearbook to Mocavo, others will be able to find information and become inspired by their own ancestors’ stories.

Contributed by: Olivia Jewell

Research Notes of the Wallace - Lile Feud

Captivated when her father first hinted at the possibility of a family feud, Mocavo Community member Dorothy knew that she needed to uncover a family secret buried in the past. Over time, Dorothy and her brother were able to piece together the mystery of the family feud through “good ol’ hard research”. When she heard that Mocavo offered a free scanning program, she wanted to quickly take advantage.

“I always wanted to compile a book on it, but it is not going to get done (I am 80). So, where will this file end up? It needed to be duplicated to preserve it for whoever might be interested — a Wallace descendant — in compiling it into a book. That is why I made the decision to have it scanned through your free scanning program — which I REALLY appreciated! It has given me peace of mind, knowing that it can be available to others, preferably to the descendants of the people involved.” – Dorothy Walker

Contributed by: Dorthy Walker

Civil War Pension File

Throughout her research, Mocavo Community Member Elizabeth was delighted to discover her family’s surname listed multiple times in Civil War records. To her surprise, she was able to find a relation to a father and two brothers that fought in the war. Wanting to be able to share this information with her family, Elizabeth was able to scan all but one document on her own. She sent her last document, a Civil War Pension File, to Mocavo so that she complete her digitization of her own records and preserve the files for future generations to enjoy.

Contributed by: Elizabeth Thorpe

Instructions for Free Scanning

We are looking for any content that has some historical significance—everything from the historical books in your basement to paper family trees and research documents. Because we are incurring the costs to scan and bring this content online, we can only scan documents with historical value.
See below to get your personalized shipping code and copy it down exactly as shown—otherwise, we will not be able to give you the proper credit or authorship! We recommend that you select a shipping service based on your financial considerations as well as the value of your materials, you may want to add insurance or use a delivery service with tracking, if your materials are valuable.
Once we finish scanning and bringing your content online, we will let you know that it is ready for the world to discover. You will be given proper credit and the content will be associated with your Mocavo account. After your content has been scanned you will receive an email with a link to download your own digital copy!

This service is good for:

  • Paper documents
  • Unbound books
  • Books that can have their binding removed
  • Photocopies of original content
  • Notes and paper family trees

This service is not good for:

  • Photographs
  • Moldy or damaged documents
  • Non-historical content
  • Very fragile content
  • Old newspapers or clippings
  • Documents larger than 11"x17"

Documents that are scanned by Mocavo for our subscribers can not be removed from
Please know that currently any books we receive will have their binding removed to facilitate the scanning. We understand that this is an inconvenience, but it is presently the only option to provide users with free scanning. If you would like the documents returned to you, in addition to the digital download of the files, please check the corresponding box and we will contact you about pricing for return shipping. Please copy all of the information on your personalized label after you click Get Shipping Address.

Please arrange your documents in the order and orientation you wish to have them scanned. That way we scan each document properly and in order.

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