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Timothy P SULLIVAN's Family Relations

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Barry Sullivan and His Contemporaries; a Histrionic Record (Volume 1) - Page 293


DEPARTS FROM GALWAY FOR NEW YORK 275 feted right royally by his many friends in that city, who one and all gave him a hearty send-off. Having taken an affectionate leave of his wife, Barry Sullivan, accompanied by his eldest son, Thomas Amory, journeyed to Galway, whence he was to embark for New York. After a brief stay in the City of the Tribes he sailed from Galway bay on a bleak morning in the first week of Novem- ber in the Circassia, one of the Lever Line of passenger steamers. His son, who accompanied him on the voyage, was a lad of fourteen years, full of the usual boyish love of the sea and a determination, when the opportunity offered, of running away to sea. It was mainly with the intention of giving the youngster a thorough distaste for such a life that his father brought him on this long voyage, knowing well that his enthusiasm was chiefly inspired by a course of Captain Marryats captivating sea stories, and that it would evaporate as soon as mal de mer set in. The voyage was long and very tempestuous and all suffered much, and by the time that land was in sight the boys desire to be a Ruler of the Queens Navee had vanished like the smoke from the good ship Circassia. END OF THE FIRST …

Sir Arthur Sullivan : Life Story, Letters, and Reminiscences - Page 194


SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN Pirates of Penzance was produced at the Opera Comique after having run for some time in New York. It held the stage in London for nearly four hundred nights, during which time, having visited America as already recounted, Sullivan wrote a sacred cantata for the Leeds Festival, selecting Milmans poem The Martyr of An- tioch for treatment. In the following year, 1881, another opera was produced at the Opera Comique, but was then transplanted to the new theatrethe Savoy, which Mr. Carte had been building. Mr. DOyly Carte had erected the new theatre solely for the presenta- tion of the Gilbert-Sullivan operas. The active theatre director could fairly claim that the new theatre had been built on a spot possessing many associations of historic interest, being close to the Savoy Chapel, and in the precincts of the Savoy, where stood formerly the Savoy Palace, once inhabited by John of Gaunt and the Dukes of Lancaster, and made memorable by the wars of the Roses. On the old Savoy manor there was at one time a theatre, and so the ancient name was used as an appropriate title for the new build- ing. The seating capacity of the Savoy is …

Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against the Six Nations of Indians in 1779 - Page 454


NEWTOWN (ELMIRA). hopeful between the white settlers and the natives. If the Indians in the fair valley of Wyoming killed all those who sought protection in The Forty Fort, as it was called (in memory of the number who fled there for safety), sparing neither sex nor age, (Queen Esther, a haif-breed, alone tomahawking fourteen persons in revenge for her one son killed), it must be remembered that they were in part, at least, and chicfly, I think, in- spired by the small army of Tories and British, led by Colonel John Butler, of long enduring notoriety. As the youth who fired the Ephesian dome, will live for all time as the destroyer of that world-famed temple, so at least one of the English Butlers will live, as long as there is a settlement in this part of America to tell of the bloody work inspired by his ferocity. WASHINGTON WITH BRADDOCK. Why the Indians all through the war of the Revolution, and long before, with rare exceptions, were more loyal to the English than to Americans, I will not new pause to consider. Montcalm, who fell at Quebec, the truest, manliest and best of his then coun- trymen, not many years before the battle here, was successful in attaching the bulk of the Indian tribes, from Canada to the Mississippi, alike to himself, his army, …

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About Timothy P SULLIVAN

Timothy P SULLIVAN is a member of the SULLIVAN Family.

Author Notes

Death record of son Patrick: Timothy P
Census 1870: Nil
Census 1880: Step children in household
Dir 1882: ?
Census 1900: Nil
Hartford deaths: Nil

Hartford Marriages:
9 February 1868
Timothy Sullivan 41 Ireland Hartford James Hughes, Pastor, St Patrick's
Ellen Callahan 35 Ireland Hartford Levi Woodhouse, Registrar


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