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Cobbetts Political Register 1811 (Volume 19) - Page 833


INDEX OF PERSONS NAMED IN VOL. XIX. J3ASLO, 320, 4 12 Abbot, Mr. 368 Abercrombie, Sir R. 505 Abercrombie, M. Gen. 436, 440, 444, 447, 479, 544 Aberdeen, Earl, 749 AbratS, Duke, 394, 459, 1338 Acheson, Major, 767, 796 Ackland, Sir T. 592 Adam, YV. 116, 804 Adams, C. 1567, 1590 Adams, F. 864 Addington, Mr. 23, 38, 43, 263, 264, 267, 326, 588, 906, 930 (See Sidcnoutb) Addison, 846, 851 Adolphus, Prince, 10, 819 Agar, P. de, 414 Aldaine, 320, 412 Alexander, 464 Alfred, (King) 694 Allande, 320, 412 Almon, Mr. 720 Ahdressi, Gen. 256 Angerstein, J. J. 644 Antie, (Queen) 139 Annee, 1630, 1631 Anstruther, Sir J. 263, 784, 790, 861, 914 Arbuthnot, Mr. 368 Arden, Lord, 368 Aremberg, Duke, 1055 Aris, 144 Armstrong, Gen. 183, 185, 473, . 954, -990 Ashburton, Lord, 270, 594 Ashworth, Col. 881 Asnarez, J. 414 Athanasius, 1289 Austria, Emperor, 626 Aylesbury, Earl, 368 Aylesford, Earl, …

History of the life and institute of St. Ignatius de Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus (Volume 1) - Page 184


68 HISTORY OP power. Had Ignatius never gained over to God but this one soul, he might have esteemed himself fortunate, like him who, finding a pearl of great price, even if forced to sell all lie possesses in order to obtain it, impoverishes in order to enrich himself, and compensates by one single stroke for the thousand small losses which he has experienced. Thus Stephen, by obtaining the conversion of St. Paul alone, first the persecutor, and then the teacher of nations; he who re- united so many barbarous voices in one concert of praise to the honor of Jesus crucified; made a more noble conquest than if, traversing the whole universe, he had gained over thousands of souls to Grod. The castle from which Xavier took his name, is situated in Navarre, at the distance of about one days journey from Pampeluna, where Ignatius received the wound which proved so salutary for his soul. Although his father was of the family of the Jassi, he and his brothers took the name of their mother, Dona Maria of Azpilqueta and Xavier, in order to preserve to their posterity the remembrance of one of the most ancient and illustrious houses of Navarre. Formerly known under the name of Asnarez, the family as- sumed that of Xavier, when King Theobald, to reward their services to his crown, made them the gift of this castle, which they possessed for more …

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Guinigenta ASNAREZ is a member of the ASNAREZ Family.

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