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Rebecca Howland

8 Nov 1727

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Rebecca Howland's Family Relations

James Russell
– Jul 1764

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A Brief Genealogical and Biographical History of Arthur, Henry, and John Howland and Their Descendants, of the United States and Canada : Together With an Account of the Efforts Made in England to Learn of Their English Ancestry, Etc. - Page 741


1131. George Gill, 4 {'John? John? John?) bo; 12, 1705, in Barnstable; m. 1st, Abigail Crocker, \v): 5, 9, 1732 ; m. 2d, in Gill, -------------. The family moved i Barnstable to Gill. The Indians were very trouble here, and the pioneer family was once driven from it: tlement, but afterwards returned, and the parents die the old homestead. Children (from Barnstable T. i. Mary, h. ; d. . ii. Hannah, b. 4, 8, 1732; d. . imft ;;; ^th, b. 17, 3, 1735; d.; m. ---------, and had: 1. Seth Shove, b!; 772; d. 21, 4, 1856; m. Abigail Bardwell; no children. 2. Calvin j j. ; d. ; m. Rachel White, and had Alonzo, Seth, and two othc. children. He was a colonel of militia, was town clerk for twent / years, and a member of the legislature of Massachusetts. 3. Consider b. ; d. , uni larriel. - i 1197. iv. John, b. 2, 6, 1738; d. aged 24 years, unmarried. 119S. v. Shove, …

The Life and Recollections of John Howland: Late President of the Rhode Island Historical Society - Page 278


OF J O H N HOWLAND. 261 ceremonies, was the reading of the following beau tiful hymn, written for the occasion by Albert G K Greene, Esq. 1. Thou who didst form the rolling spheres; Whose word unnumbered world's obey; And in whose sight days are as years, A thousand years but as a day; 2. Thou, who didst g u ard that fearless band Who fled from persecutions rod, Aad sought this wild and desert land, Twice exiles for the truth of God; 3. Thou, upon whom in their distress, By woes assailed, by dangers tried, Here in the howling wilderness, Their firm, unfaltering Hope relied; 4. Thou, unto whom, in that dark hour, They prayed that this their home might be A spot where uncontrolled by power The free bom soul might worship Thee; 5. Thou, unto whom then rose their prayer That all the race of men might own That living truth, that freedom share, Which they had here upheld alone; 6. Grant that the day for which they prayed, Shall oer the world in splendor ope: That day of truth, though long delayed, Will come at last, I n God we H ops . Mr. Howland read poetry with a nice apprecia tion of its sentiment, and was remarkably happy in rendering the authors meaning. This service, alike suited to his years and his official relation to the Christian church, was performed in a very spirited and impressive manner. In accordance with the practice of the last …

The Life and Recollections of John Howland: Late President of the Rhode Island Historical Society - Page 359


APPENDIX 343 Benjamin Russell, Janetta, Mary, and eight children who died under the age of three years. R E C A P IT U L A T IO N : First generationJohn Howland and Elizabeth his wife, of the Mayflower company. Second generationJabez Howland and Bethiah Thacher, his wife. Third generationJoseph Howland and Bathsheba, his wife. Fourth generationJoseph Howland and Sarah, his wife. Fifth generationHenry Howland and Susan, his wife; Penelope Howland and her husband, captain John Taber; John Howland and Mary, his wife; Benjamin Howland and Susan, his wife. On page 13, it is incorrectly stated that John Howland was of the fourth generation from the Pilgrim. The error escaped notice until the sheet had been printed. N otb J.p. 202. At a meeting of the United Train of Artillery Company, Monday, 24th April, 1797 , Voted, That the thanks of this Company be presented to lieutenant John Howland, for …

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About Rebecca Howland

Rebecca Howland is a member of the Howland Family.

Author Notes

"The Descendants of John Russell of Dartmouth, Mass."
Barrett Beard Russell
NEHGR v58 p364
"James Russell (Jonathan, John) married, in 1709, Rebecca, daughter of
Nathaniel and Rose Howland, who died Nov. 8, 1727; and married second,
Dec. 19, 1728, Mary, daughter of Henry and Deborah Howland. His will was
proved July 3, 1764."