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John "Jack" L Rhodes 1 2 3

11 Aug 1801 Nelson, KY
11 Aug 1864 Marion, Kentucky

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John "Jack" L Rhodes's Family Relations

Ignatius Rhodes
1765 – 1836
Eleanor Greenwell
18 Mar 1772 – 1810

Ann Nancy Rhodes
1802 – 1850
William Rhodes
1824 –
Priscilla Elizabeth Rhodes
14 Jan 1823 – 15 Aug 1901
Edward Rhodes
15 Dec 1816 – 27 Mar 1889
Lucinda Rhodes
1814 – 1850
Henry Rhodes
1810 – 12 Jan 1850
Susan Rhodes
1800 – 1842

Charlotte Ann Medley
15 Feb 1804 – 14 Jan 1845

Mary Elizabeth Catherine Rhodes
20 Jul 1835 – 25 Sep 1924
Sarah Ann Rhodes
8 Jan 1838 – 23 Dec 1915
Thomas W Rhodes
1840 –
Louisa Mathias Rhodes
23 Feb 1840 – 24 Feb 1916
Sister Angeline Victoria Rhodes
5 Dec 1842 – 24 Sep 1926
(Sister) Ann Rhodes
4 Dec 1848 – 11 May 1919

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Cecil Rhodes; A Study of a Career - Page 53


ME BARNES-LAWRENCEs REMINISCENCES. 27 associate the Cecil Rhodes of the present day from ones view of him then ; and just because it is so easy to be wise after the event, there is need of caution lest, after the events which have taken place since the undergraduate became a public man, we should imagine that we had been wise enough to have dis- cerned in that undergraduate those germs of ability which have developed into greatness in after-life. There were men among our contemporaries and friends concerning whom it would not have been difficult to predict that, if health and opportunity were theirs, they would be likely to be heard of in a world which is some degrees larger than Oxford. But Mr Rhodes o o no doubt will agree with me that if he personally felt, {as young men are apt to feel, that he had it in him to be, or to do, something great, he did not betray his secret or, as the modern phrase is, give himself away. I I think we all liked Rhodes because he was natural and unaffected ; but he was reserved about his own private affairs, and 1 can recollect that, notwith- standing a certain coldness of speech and manner which betokened an unconventional attitude towards things in general and towards the university in par- ticular, there was an evident anxiety 011 his part to conform to college rules and university regulations, i I is experience of life had been more varied than that of the ordinary public schoolboy coming straight from school life to the university ; and 1 think we …

Cecil Rhodes; A Study of a Career - Page 280


240 THE RAID AND ITS CONSEQUENCES. crowds, carried away as they were by the passions of the moment, did not pause to consider the rights and wrongs of the question ; indeed it is doubtful whether one person out of every ten understood them. All they knew or cared about was that a British force was engaged in fighting against vastly superior numbers of Boers, and this appealed to them very forcibly. The sentiment of these crowds was aggressively pro-British, and on all sides were heard optimistic prophecies to the effect that Jameson was bound to come out on top, and would reach the gokl-reef city without much delay. What he would do when he got there no one had the least idea, or took the trouble to ask ; for that was a detail which did not concern the crowd in the least, though an assault on Pretoria was confidently predicted. When at length it was announced that Jameson had been out- witted and defeated by the wily Cronje, and com- pelled to surrender with the whole of his force after suffering severe loss, there was a scene of general stupefaction. At first this statement was absolutely scouted as wildly impossible; but when the message was confirmed, and there was no longer any possibility of doubt, Cape Town almost to a man turned 011 the Uitlander population of Johannesburg, and reviled them as a set of miserable cowards who had sat still and allowed Jameson and his men to be taken prisoners almost before their eyes, without making the least effort to render …

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John "Jack" L Rhodes is a member of the Rhodes Family.

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