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Agnus Bernard Cotton

22 Oct 1882 NC
27 Nov 1931 Beaufort Co., NC

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Agnus Bernard Cotton's Family Relations

Jasper Lloyd Ange
1912 – 4 Oct 1963

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Memoir of George Edward Lynch Cotton, D.D. - Page 257


228 LIFE OF BISHOP COTTON. [Ch . IX of the entrance was an enormous erection, gilt and painted and decorated in every comer, on which rested a glass coffin, con taining the embalmed body of a poongyie, who had died a year ago. His funeral is to take place in April, and will be cele brated, according to custom, by setting fire to this glittering pile, and finally blowing it up with gunpowder, and letting off rockets and other fireworks in all directions about it. These modem devices have succeeded the burning of sandal-wood and spices, which used of old to form part of a priests obsequies. It was from the immediate neighbourhood of this pagoda that Lord Dalhousie carried off as a trophy the kyoung which is now in the Auckland Gardens at Calcutta: surely a measure of doubtful right, and in any case vain-glorious and silly. It plainly outraged the feelings of the Buddhists, since a rich person at Ava has since erected a new one of costly construction on the exact spot from which the other was taken. I wish that the great proconsul had not forbidden the publication of his papers till we of this generation are all in our graves. Surely we have greater interest in a correct estimate of his policy than our children will have, and it needs much vindication and explanation. Moulmem. Hasting, if possible, to be at Moulmein by Christmas Day, our prospects on Christmas Eve looked gloomy. We could not enter the Salween with the morning …

Memoir of John Cotton - Page 45


39 so undefatigable in the Lords work, so willing to spend and to be spent. He answered many letters that were sent far and near, wherein were handled many difficult cases of conscience, and many doubts cleered to great satisfaction. He was a man exceedingly loved and admired of the best, and reverenced of the worst of his hearers. He was in great favour with doctor Williams t the then bishop of Lincoln* who much esteemed him for his learning, and (ac cording to report) when he was lord keeper of the great seal, went to king James , and speak ing of Mr. Cottons great learning and worth, the king was willing, notwithstanding his non conformity, to give way that he should have his liberty without interruption in his ministry, which was the more notable, considering how that kings spirit was carried out against such men. Also, the Earl of Dorchester being at Old-Boston , and hearing Mr. Cotton preaching concerning (if memory fail not) civil-govern- ment, he was so affected with the wisdom of his words and spirit, that he did ever after highly account of him, and put himself forth what he could in the time of Mr. Cottons * Afterwards Archbishop of York. E d .

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society: Diary of Cotton Mather 1709-1724 (Volume 8) - Page 348


326 DIARY OF COTTON MATHER To R ev. W illia m B r a ttle . a .a .s . 19 d. 6 tn. [August.] 1715. Sir , Among the m any who heartily condole with you, in the sorrows of your late Bereavem ent, there is none more sincerely affected, than he who now tells you so.1 B u t you that have been for so m any years an excellent and experienced Com forter of the Mourners, need not so all Assistences, as the best of Mine, to comfort you. Y o u are a Sacrificer. T he Signs and Hopes and Joyes of your share in that priesthood, which must be our future Blessedness, ly in your skill and stroke at Sacrificing. I t is a great Sacrifice to which the H oly One has lately called you. B u t your oblation will be so managed, as to have in it, imcomparable Tokens for Good. M ay you y e tt see D ayes of Service, in a World, which I make no D oubt, b y its late Embitterments makes you more willing to leave it, than ever since you came into it. V ery relishable Comforts here make some Servants of God but the more willing to dy. For they argue, If there be any thing here below so very desireable, what is there A bove? W h ere------ Great and sore Troubles, will have the same E ffe c t; and make us long to be, where the weary …

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Agnus Bernard Cotton is a member of the Cotton Family.

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