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Lady Mary Scotland Duchess Stewart SRA

16 May 1452 Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
16 May 1488 1686009, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Lady Mary Scotland Duchess Stewart SRA's Family Relations

Sir James Hamilton Lord Hamilton
1423 – 6 Nov 1479

Lady Elizabeth Loudoun HAMILTON
Mar 1477 – Apr 1531

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Stewart 358 Stewart was indifferent alike to unpopularity or the reverse, Lis influence on the English history of the first, twenty years of the century wan greater even than it would ?ein to be on the surface. Ho wab always calm and un- rutlled, punctual in his work, accumulating no arrears. Ho was neither guilty of nepotism in his appoint ments nor of corrup- tion, though the expensas of his position ex- ceeded his official salary and appointments, and trenched on a private income never very large. He was religious and charitablc. a patron of letters, and one of the founders of the Dublin Gaelic Society : but his know- ledge outside his public work was, owing to bis exceedingly busy life, very scanty. His portrait was painted by Sir Thomas Lawrence, ami is engraved in the edition of his correspondence published in 1818, and there is also a half-length in the National Portrait Gallery. [The principal authority for Lord London- derry's life is his Correspondence, collected by his brother Charles, and published in twelve volumes in I848-A3, with a memoir. Sir Archibald Alison also had access to the family papers in preparing bis unduly laadatory LivfW of Ix>rd CasMsreagn and Sir Charles Stewart, 1861. For other information see Cornwallis's Carr&spondi'ticn ; llurgliersh's .Memoir of the War of …

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Lady Mary Scotland Duchess Stewart SRA is a member of the Stewart SRA Family.

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