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Hawise Seclis DeBourbourg 1

0927 Bourbourg, Nord, Nord Pas De Calais, France 2
Boulogne, , Artois, France 3

Hawise Seclis DeBourbourg's Family Relations

Boulogne, Artois, France

Hugues Count Saint Pol
1045 – 1130
Enricule de Boulogne
0976 – 1033

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Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 1877 (Volume 37) - Page 754


91 occupy themselves with the presages of their second idol and to offer sacrifices to him, having taken away their first idol to replace it by the second, in order to worship it in the coining ten years.* The Indians say, for example, that the Spaniards arrived at the City of M6rida in the year of the nativity of onr Lord and Master 1541, which was precisely the first year of Bvluc Ahau (11 Ahan), the same that we find placed at the top of the instrumentf below the cross, and which also indicates that they arrived in the month Pop, which is the first in their year. Had the Spaniards not come as they did, then they would have placed the Idol of Bolon Ahau (9 Ahau), offering homage to it, and continuing to refer to the prognostics of Jiviuc Ahau, till the year 1561; and then they would take it from the temple and put in its place that of Vuc Ahau (7 Ahau), all the while continuing to refer to the prognos- tics of Buluc Ahau, for ten years more, and the same with the others until the tour was made. In this way they made up their Katuns of twenty and ten years, worshipping them according to their superstitions and juggleries, which were in such great numbers that there were more than enough to deceive that simple people, and there is reason for aston- ishment when one knows what kind of things in nature and experience belong to the Demon. Whoever is acquainted with the awkwardness and literary negligence of Landas writing will not be astonished that …

The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft History of Mexico (Volume 10) - Page 152


123 THE PNUCO AFFAIR AND ITS SEQUEL. tribute, a measure which the people, already recovered from their first surprise, were quick to resent. Luis Marin, lieutenant in Goazacoalco, sought aid from Cortes for enforcing respect, and in Lent of 1524 he marched against the rebellious people with somewhat over a hundred men, one fourth cavalry, all inflated with the confidence born of numerous successes. Equally confident were the Chiapanecs in the shel- tering strength of hills which so far had guarded their liberties. Protected by good cotton armor, and armed with formidable pikes, they managed so well to sustain even in open field the first onslaught of the bearded ones, that the latter were quite dismayed. So severe proved the campaign, that when Marin at last thought himself master in the main district, his force was so reduced in number and efficiency that the for- mation of a settlement could not be undertaken, and the result was an inglorious retreat.47 An equally severe campaign was undertaken about the same time in the mountainous regions of Zapote- capan and Miztecapan, hitherto avoided as too diffi- cult to penetrate. Following the path of Alvarado, Rodrigo Rangel had in 1523 entered them to demand allegiance and tribute, only to meet with fierce resist- ance. Rainy weather and ruggedness of country favored the natives, and he was. obliged to retreat.48 This success emboldened them, and, incited partly by escaped negro slaves, they made inroads on the adjoin- ing districts. It would never answer to encourage a defiant robber in the midst …

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Hawise Seclis DeBourbourg is a member of the DeBourbourg Family.

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