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Dorothy De Thelwell 1 2

1390 Thellwell, Cheshire, , England 3 4
1426 Clayton Manor, Lancashire, , England 5 6

Dorothy De Thelwell's Family Relations

Henry De Dutton
1350 – 1438

Thomas De Clayton
1390 – 1426
, Cheshire, , England

John DeClayton
1405 – 1445

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Index (University of Massachusetts) 1991 (Volume 121) - Page 232


and professionalism is found in New World Theater New World Theater, a pro- gram affiliated with the Fine Arts Center, devotes itself to pro- ducing and presenting plays about people of color. African Americans, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans celebrate shared themes through plays featured by the theater. The majority of student performers are, surprisingly, not theater majors, but have held long interest in theater or pro- duction. The theater ensemble is a multi-cultural cast that comes from the five college cam- puses in the area. Grants through the Fine Arts Center often provide opportunities for the theater to bring in profes- sional guest artists. According to Roberta Uno Thelwell, the theater has "brought a more diverse population into the theater department that did not previously exist." With Letters to a Student Revolutionary, a play about the friendship between a Chinese woman and a Chinese-Ameri- can, the theater organized a sym- posium and discussions about recent Tiennamen Square up- dates. It also confronted the changing images of Asians in society. Spring semester offered plays written by female play- wrights, with two of them, Sis- ters and Urban Bushwomen, fo- cusing on African-American themes. For outreach purposes, the plays could be used in women studies and Afro-Am studies classrooms. "If a play deals with an issue that a de- partment can incorporate into their class, we'll try to get pro- fessors interested …

The Boston Directory: Including all Localities Within the City Limits, as Allston, Brighton, Charlestown, Dorchester, East Boston, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Readville, Roslindale, Roxbury, South Boston, West Roxbury, 1971 (Volume Volume Two L-Z) - Page 1154


DIAL ttftCONTD 4802 Kenney John 4803 Piaciottoh Elvina Mr 4804 Farrell W J 4805 Manaki E V 4806 Holme* J E 4807 De Ceaare Pquale 4808 Delay C E Mm 4809 Flynn J J 4812 Perry Peter 4813 LofUu Mftrft Mr 4818 Janczunaki B A 4819 KeUeher J M 4820 Higgw P F 4821 Duffy Sarmh 4823 Hodgson R B Mr 4824 Daniel I K 4825 Washington James 4826 Ferrante Kath 4829 Selman Deni 4830 Montt Robt P 4831 Wmaor I S 4832 Caaey M O 4837 SoUeiti June 4838 Manning J V Jr 4843 Purcell L J 4845 Walter* F V 4847 Blazon Ellsworth 4848 Donovan P J 4848 Preacott Samuel 4849 Dola V R 4851 Piotrowicx S S 4852 MafTeo Erminio 4854 Wynn Helen 4854 Wynn Either Mr 4855 Timmons W J 4856 Hall R W 4857 Kane Martin 4858 Olson E J 4861 Doran …

Life Sketches of Eminent Lawyers : American, English and Canadian ; to Which Is Added Thoughts, Facts and Facetiae (Volume 1) - Page 328


f.ORD THOMAS ERSKINE 297 Principles of Evidence. The principles of evidence in law are founded in the charities of religion, in the philosophy of nat- ure, in the truths of history, and in the experience of common life. Some Characteristics and Great Efforts. He studied law after twenty-five years of age.. Lacked the advantage of a college educatioif, and be- fore five years at the bar rose to its highest rank. In his first case, Crown v. Baillie, he made the most wonderful forensic effort of ancient or modern times, says James L. High. His business rapidly increased until he was in receipt of $60, 000 per year. His de- fense of Lord George Gordon, his first great jury ef- fort, was won and sounded the death knell of the doctrine of constructive treason. He defended Thomas Paine, from a sense of duty and .against his will. Successfully defended Hardy for treason, in which he spoke seven hours, and was so exhausted that he spoke for some minutes in a whisper. He cleared John Home Tooke and Thelwell. As Chan- cellor he was unfamiliar with equity and real estate law. Was not a profound scholar. On Office Holding. When turned out of the office of Chancellor, …

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Dorothy De Thelwell is a member of the De Thelwell Family.

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