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Ursula Stourton

1518 Stourton, Wiltshire, , England
4 Sep 1551 , Lincolnshire, , England

Ursula Stourton's Family Relations

Edward Clinton
1512 – 16 Jan 1585
June 15, 1541
, Wiltshire, , England

Henry Sir Clinton
1540 – 29 Sep 1616

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History of the Noble House of Stourton, of Stourton, in the County of Wilts (Volume 2) - Page 410


HISTORY OF THE NOBLE HOUSE OF STOURTON. ROBESE, daughter of= Thomas le Des- penser, and sister to Hugh le Des- penser. Gilbert de Segrave, of Segrave, Co. Leicester. Baron Segrave " by tenure." =f= \ I Stephen de Segravf, son and heir. Baron Segrave=lDA, sister of "by tenure." Justiciar of England. A person of Henry de great note in the time of Kings John and Henry III. Hastings. Died in the Abbey of Leicester, 5 November, 1241 . John de Segrave, =j=Emme de Caux. eldest son. Pre- Survived her deceased his | husband, father. No issue. Gilbert de Segrave, second bui=j=AMAB!L, daughter and co- eldest surviving son. Baron Segrave "by tenure." Im- prisoned at Ponte, in Poictou, and died shortly afterwards, in 1254. heir of Robert de Chau- combe. Granted lands to the Priory and Con- vent of Chaucomb. Nicholas de Segrave, son and heir. First Lord Segrave^Maud de Lucy. …

History of the Noble House of Stourton, of Stourton, in the County of Wilts (Volume 2) - Page 387


THE MOWBRAY WRIT OF SUMMONS. 859 The Writ of Summons to Parliament addressed " To Our right trusty and well beloved Alfred Joseph Stourton de Mowbray Chevalier, " of which a facsimile will be found at page 712, is as follows : " iIIC2ri^):3l by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith ST Our right trusty and welbeloved ALFRED Joseph stourton de MOWBRAY chevalier Greeting 3JE|^EiclllilS by reason of certain arduous and urgent affairs concerning Us, the state and defence of Our said United Kingdom and the Church WE did lately with the advice and consent of our Council ordain our present Parliament to be holden at our City of Westminster on the fifth day of March in the thirty-seventh year of our reign which Parliament hath been from that time by several adjournments and prorogations adjourned prorogued and continued to and until the seventeenth day of January instant at our City aforesaid to be then there holden WE strictly enjoining command you under the faith and allegiance by which you are bound to Us that considering the …

History of the Noble House of Stourton, of Stourton, in the County of Wilts (Volume 2) - Page 118


638 HISTORY OF THE NOBLE HOUSE OF STOURTON. same day. He served in the Papal Zouaves for a short time, and was present at the taking of Rome by the Italian troops in 1870, and has received a medal and " Diploma of Merit" from the Pope. He married, August the 8th, 1877, at St. Mary's, the Mount, Walsall, Co. Stafford, Sarah Anne, daughter of James Smith, of Draycott-on-the-Moors. She was born May the 26th, 1857. They have had issue : (a) Oswald Joseph Stanislaus Vava- sour, eldest son. Born at Dray- cott, Co. Stafford, February the 7th, 1883. (6) Edward James Marmaduke Vavasour, second son. Born at Draycott, January the 30th, 1886. (c) George Francis Aloysius Vava- sour, third son. Born at Dray- cott, April the loth, 1890. Died at Bath, Co. Somerset, …

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Ursula Stourton is a member of the Stourton Family.

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