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Orrin Otto BABCOCK

24 Dec 1897 Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, United States 1 2
29 May 1978 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States 3

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Orrin Otto BABCOCK's Family Relations

Berton Wesley BABCOCK
15 Jun 1876 – 17 Apr 1926
Minnie Bridellia DALY
29 Jul 1875 – 30 Nov 1972

17 Jun 1896 –
Helene Gineva BABCOCK
20 Dec 1904 – 29 Oct 1996
Hilda Louise BABCOCK
24 Nov 1908 – 7 Jul 1910
1911 – Apr 1917

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Herbert Clarence Burleigh Fonds - Family Files Series - Babcock (I) - Page 69


DANIEL EAPCOCK 22 ^ (4) . Fearl Valker married lived Yarker, Cut. faissell Irish Melissa Babcock married 2nd Charles VJbodhouse No issue: D. Edith Babcock married Ernest Pero Had issue : (1) Hermal Wilmot Pero, bom circa 1919 married Aug. 27, 1927 Lena Carolina Hamilton, bom circa 1917 (2) Earl Pero (3) Stewart Babcock Lived near Westport, Cht. E. Willet Babcock married Edna Campbell Had issue: F. Haerson Babcock married lived Westport, Ont. Laura C. Millie Babcock ^ ^ ^ John^lS^lock, born July 17, 1865 (son of John Babcock & Ellen Kelly) Had issue * (descendant of Zeba Babcock) (1) Ullie Babcock, born Aug. 13, 1886 married 1st Max Jackson Had issue: (a) Gerald …

Babcock genealogy (Part 1) - Page 197


The Babcock Genealogy. 61 Children of Nathan and fourth wife: 172 Nathan, !). Oct. 30, 1783 ; m. Patty Barber. 173 David, b. Aug. 16, 1784 ; m. Fanny TifTt. Dorcas, b. Apr. 20, 1786 ; d. i860; m. Nathan Barber, Jr., son of Nathan and Mary (Pendleton) Barber. Asa, b. Feb. 25, 1788 . 65. Elizabeth5, dau. of Samuel and Ann (Pendleton) Bab- cock, b. Westerly, R. I., May G, 1729. There was an- other Elizabeth Babcock contemporary with the above, dau. of Daniel and Abigail Baljcock, b. Jan. 13, 1730 -1. Which one of the two Elizabeths married John Burdick we cannot determine. Elizabeth Babcock and John Burdick were m. in Westerly, Dec. 1, 1750 , by William Hern, …

Selections From the Letters and Diaries of Brevet-Brigadier General Willoughby Babcock of the Seventy-Fifth New York Volunteers: a Study of Camp Life in the Union Armies During the Civil War - Page 138


106 LETTERS OF GENERAL BABCOCK aroused fresh hopes that the struggle would end very shortly, only to be crushed by a Union defeat. I really expect to see you ere the year is over, and cannot bring myself to anticipate a longer absence, though many of our officers think we shall not be home within onr throe venra 6 We get a Pensacola paper by our deserters7 which gives an account of a decisive victory by our troops in Tennessee. If true, as we hope, it is very important and two or three such victories would set our cause far ahead, and bring us some months nearer our wives and friends. We cannot hope to leave the South until the war is fairly over, and shall, I fear be among the last troops discharged. It will be a great work even to trans- port home 600, 000 soldiers and many men must wait. 8 The news today is glorious. It looks more like success. If vigor- ously carried on the war will approach the beginning of the end on the 1st of April. I shall be very glad if the condition of things shall be such as to allow me to resign by the 1st of August. 9 Great confidence was felt in the ability of General McClellan to drive home his attack against Richmond and crush the Army of Virginia. If the southern capital was surrendered to the Union armies, …

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Orrin Otto BABCOCK is a member of the BABCOCK Family.

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