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William COLE

1715 Boldrup, Warwick Co., VA
1754 Charles City, Charles Co., VA

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William COLE's Family Relations

William COLE
1692 – 1729
1694 – 1750

Mary Martha COLE
1711 – 1750
1712 – 1717
Richard COLE
1717 – 12 Feb 1781
Roscow COLE
1721 – 1755
1723 – 1795
James COLE
1725 – Mar 1767
Judith COLE
1729 – 1748
John West COLE
1730 – 8 Feb 1787
Jennie COLE (?)
1718 – 1742

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Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of William H. Cole (Representative From Maryland) - Page 58


44 Life and Character of William H. Cole. It must be the devout wish of every patriots heart, that, fully knowing their power for weal or woe to their country and to mankind, the members of this noble profession will strive for a lofty ideal in their high calling, and will con- tinually aim to keep up at a high standard that statesman- ship which is becoming day by day more and more linked with their own aims and aspirations. Dr. Coles connection with journalism was, no doubt, the stepping-stone for him to a seat in Congress. But just there the fell destroyer cut short his career, leaving him no room, but for a short time, to show his great zeal and untiring devotion to the interests of his State and of his immediate constituents. As he was devoted and true in every other relation of life, so he was in that one upon which depends more than upon all others the happiness of our race, that of a husband and head of a family. And as such devotion de- served, he was blessed with a partner in his joys and in his sorrows whose pleasure and pride it ever was nobly to cheer and help him onward in all his efforts and aspirations. Mr. President, I move the adoption of the resolutions offered by my colleague. The President pro tempore. The question is on the adop- tion of the resolutions. The resolutions were unanimously agreed to, and the Sen- ate adjourned. O . ^ Digitized by Google

Sergeant Ted Cole, United States Marines - Page 311


284 SERGEANT TED COLE many of the Marines fell wounded in their legs. Indeed, there are records of some who went through the entire battle suffering from such wounds which they had received in the first moments of the conflict. Corporal Ted was aware that Montague was no longer by his side. He glanced about him to discover what had become of Awful, but was unable to see him. The excitement of the battle, however, was strong upon him and it was impossible at the time to make any investigations. The only way in which he could move was forward, and the uppermost desire in his heart was to drive out the enemy who were firing upon the advancing Yan- kees from the border of Belleau Wood.

The Illustrated Sketch Book and Directory of Jefferson City and Cole County - Page 111


Directory of Jefferson City and Cole County. 105 Lipple, Lizzie. Residence 402 E. W ater. Lockett, Iva, student. Board 316 Lafayette. Lockett, Ben. E., president Globe Mercantile Co. Residence 405 S. Cherry. Lockett. Bessie. Residence 405 S. Cherry. Lockwood, Wm. A., insurance agent. Residence 020 Clarke avenue. Lockwood, Rose, works Bockrath Shoe

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