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Rachel Weir

1782 <, Chester, South Carolina>

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Rachel Weir's Family Relations

George Weir
1752 – 1 May 1837
Mary Weir
1760 – 8 Jun 1814

Isabella Weir
1808 –
David Weir
25 Dec 1780 – 13 Jan 1871
John Weir
1784 –
Nancy Weir
1786 –
Jane Weir
1788 –
James Weir
1800 –
Ebenezer Weir
1800 – 12 Sep 1847

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Cultural Landscape Report for Weir Far National Historical Site, Volume 1: Site History and Existing Conditions - Page 273


Weir Farm Heritage Trust and the Acquisition of the Property by the NPS 1989-1995 ENDNOTES TO CHAPTER VI 1. "Chronology: Key Activities and Events Leading up to the Creation of Weir Farm National Historic Site, " n.d., Weir Farm National Historic Site. Weir Farm Heritage Trust, interview with Doris and Sperry Andrews, March 16, 1989 . 2. Ibid.; "Weir Farm National Historic Site. Draft General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement" (Boston: U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, North Atlantic Region, Division of Planning, 1994), 1-3. 3. Ibid. 4. Ibid. 5. Ibid.; "Draft General Management Plan, " 1-3, 1-7; Weir Farm Heritage Trust, interview with Doris and Sperry Andrews, March 16, 1989 . 6. "Draft General Management Plan, " 1-3-1-7. 7. "Draft General Management Plan;" David …

Julian Alden Weir ; an Appreciation of His Life and Works - Page 215


LIST OF PAINTINGS TITLE SIZE OWNER Portrait of R. H. Stoddard 45 x 35 The Century Club Portrait of Wyatt Eaton 31x18 National Gallery Portrait of Robert C. Minor 21 x 16 National Academy of Design Portrait of J. Alden Weir 21 x 16 National Academy of Design Portrait of John F. Weir 3x25 John F. Weir Portrait of George W. Maynard 3x25 National Academy of Design Portrait of Alexander W. Weir Colonel H. C. Weir Portrait of General John Pitman General John Pitman Portrait of Mr. L. 17x14. Mrs. J. Alden Weir Portrait of a Lady in White 34x27 Mrs. J. Alden Weir The Mother 44x34 Mrs. Lloyd Williams Portrait of John H. Twachtman 21x17^ Cincinnati Art Museum Portrait of Mrs. Thomas Bradley Cecil and Kenneth …

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Rachel Weir is a member of the Weir Family.

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