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Carroll J. Haas


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Carroll J. Haas's Family Relations

Bernard Clement Haas
18 Nov 1889 – 31 Mar 1935
Mildred Mary English
28 Jan 1893 – 2 Mar 1984

Terrence Joseph Haas
10 Dec 1918 – 20 Aug 2004
Arthur Bernard Haas
29 Nov 1924 – 20 Mar 2004

Elaine Hamilton
– 18 Jan 2008
July 29, 1944
Hicksville, Long Island, NY

Carroll Joseph Haas
30 May 1945 – 19 Jun 2008
Jody Haas

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Walter A. Haas, Jr. Oral Transcript - Page 54


26 Haas: Tom Kuchel, thank you. Tom Kuchel was invited to Dad's house in Atherton, and I was there, and after dinner I guess the ladies left and we were talking politics. Dad was his financial manager, fundraiser. So Tom was somewhat beholden to my father. I remember Dad saying something, and Tom said, "Walter, you're wrong, you don't know what you're talking about." And I thought, Boy, now there's a guy with guts. [laughter] Lage: How did your dad take that? Haas: Very well. It wasn't quite that blunt, but it was-- Lage: That was the message. Haas: That was the message. And of course, I do remember now, on Sunday Mom and Dad would often, in Atherton--this is later in years--I don't know if it was every Sunday, but quite frequently during the summertime they would have a group of people for lunch. They were interesting people, people from Stanford and educators and politicians and whatever. That was fun, I enjoyed that. I think I was probably in high school by then. Lage: Well, that must have broadened your horizons. Haas: Yes. They knew a lot of people from different walks of life, …

Peter Haas: Oral Transcript - Page 15


Supporting San Franciscos Public Spaces 64 Fundraising for Cal 65 A Great Honor: Alumnus of the Year at Cal 67 Stanford 68 Youth and Childhood: An Abiding Concern 69 Peter Haas: A Life of Leadership and Generosity in the Jewish Community of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties by Phyllis Cook, Jewish Community Federa tion 72 Peter Haas in Service to the Community by Ann Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of the Bay Area chapter of the United Way 75 Peter Haas: An Extra or dinar y Human Being by Rober t Fisher 76 Financial Challenges at the San Francisco Foundation After the Buck Trust Litigation 76 Handling the Demands of a Busy Life 79 Public Relations at the San Francisco Foundation 79 Leadership Role on the Board of the Foundation 80 Gro wth and Renewal of …

Walter A. Haas, Jr. Oral Transcript - Page 126


95 Haas : Lage: Haas : Lage : Haas : Lage : Haas : I think I did. [laughs] I hadn't thought of it until we had the contest, and maybe others did, too. I'm not going to claim full credit, but I know I thought of it, and I really like it. I still like it. The other thing is a fun story because one of the guys decided we should have a golf tournament, and the theme of the golf tournament was "Beat the boss." So, I was playing against everybody. I'm a serious competitor, and the day before I thought, well, I'll get a little edge because I'm playing about thirty different guys, so I went out to the golf course. I thought I'd play one round and get at least the edge of knowing the holes. And I took out a good caddie. I'd severed my Achilles tendon about six months before, and so I really was somewhat handicapped because I hadn't been playing at all. I remember in the opening remarks at the meeting I addressed the group and tried to set the stage for the meeting. And I said, "Now I'm looking forward to the golf tournament. All I can do is pray for rain." Well, the day before, as I said, they were in meetings, and I went out on the course. Then the day of the tournament we started and about the fourth hole, the heavens opened up, and the …

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