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Somme, Picardie, France

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The Histories of Tacitus - Page 117


74 TACITUS [Chaps. 38, 39, 40. legiones, nedum Othonis ac Vitellii exercitus sponte posituri bellum fuerint: eadem illos deum ira, eadem hominum rabies, eaedem scelerum causae in discordiam egere. Quod singulis velut ictibus transacta sunt bella, ignavia principum factum est. Sed me veterum novo- rumque morum reputatio longius tulit: nunc ad rerum ordinem venio. 39 Profecto Brixellum Othone honor imperii penes Ti- I tianum fratrem, vis ac potestas penes Proculum prae- fectum; Celsus et Paulinus, cum prudentia eorum nemo uteretur, inani nomine ducum alienae culpae praetende- bantur; tribuni centurionesque ambigui, quod spretis melioribus deterrimi valebant; miles alacer, qui tamen jussa ducum interpretari auam exequi mallet. Promo- veri ad quartum a Bedriaco^cStra 'placuIiTadeo imperite ut quanquam verno tempore anni et tot circum amnibus penuria aquae fatigarentur. Ibi de proelio dubitatimi, Othone per litteras flagitante ut maturarent, militibus ut imperator pugnae adesset poscentibus: plerique copias trans Padum agentes acciri postulabant. Nec perinde diiudicari potest, quid optimum factu fuerit, quam pes- simum fuisse quod factum est. ! 40 Non ut ad pugnam sed ad bellandum profecti conflu- entes Padi et Aduae fluminum, XX V inde milium spatio distantes, petebant. Celso et Paulino abnuentibus mili- tem itinere fessum, sarcinis gravem obicere hosti, non omissuro quo minus expeditus et vix quattuor milia passuum progressus aut incompositos in agmine aut dis- persos et valium molientes adgrederetur, Titianus et Proculus, ubi consiliis vincerentur, ad ius imperii transi- bant. Aderat sane citus equo Numida cum atrocibus mandatis, quibus Otho increpita ducum segnitia rem in . discrimen mitti iubebat, aeger mora et spei inpatiens.

The Life and Times of Titian: With Some Account of His Family (Volume 1) - Page 307


240 TITIAN: HIS LIFE AND TIMES. [Chap. VI tunity at his command to rid himself of his burden, or at least satisfy some of the older demands before lie entered upon new engagements. But nothing of the kind occurred. Not the representations of .Alfonso, not the claims of the government of Baffo, or Averoldo, were sufficient to bind him. He longed for the air of the hills, and he went off it would seem in 1521 to Conegliano to paint the front of the Scuola di Santa Maria Nuova, for which he was remunerated with the freehold of a house.* In the midst of these occupations the Doge who had governed Venice for twenty years died (June 22), and on the 6th of July, 1521 , Antonio Grimani was elected successor to Leonardo Loredano. * On the back of a drawing in the collection of the Dsseldorf Academy, we find the following lines: Del 1521 fai chiamato a Conigliano dalla scola de Santa Maria Nova p dipingeli a fresco la facciata di detta scola, et per premio de le mie fattiche mi fu allogatta una casa posta in contra dell rfosso la qual casa era di razion di ditta scola, qual casa deve esser liberamente di me Titian di Vecelli di Cadore, de miei …

Titian: His Life and Times. With Some Account of His Family, Chiefly From New and Unpublished Records (Volume 1) - Page 113


56 TITIAN: HIS LIFE AND TIMES. [Chap. m. -------------------------------------------f--------------- pearance of a cartello or scrip with the painters name, which authenticates an old copy of this piece in the Museum of Rovigo.* The very first steps of Titian are those of a master, whose nature it is to be original; for at the outset that which is merely imitative in him, is tempered by individual features. As he proceeds so he progresses; his originality is greater, and elements that may be called imitative fade into the background. Timid and cold at first, he soon warms to the task before him. His carefulness and finish remain, but the gifts of the colourist which gradually come into play, are the result of a firmer and more manly grasp of the causes to which are due the polish peculiar to An- tonello, and the harmony attained in the works of Giovanni Bellini. We cannot affect to be able to distinguish at this period, the chronological sequence of the impressions made upon Titian by a growing insight into the mysteries of the art of the past in Venice, or a better knowledge of the technical subtle- * Vienna Belvedere, 1st Floor, Ital. School, Boom II. No. 41, wood, 2 ft. high, by 2 ft. 7 in. broad. This picture belonged to the collection of Archduke Leo- pold Wilhelm, at Brussels, in the seventeenth century. A copy of it, by Teniers, is in Windsor Castle. The sky and terrace wall are repainted. The glazes, un- …

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Lucuis Salvinus Titianus is a member of the Titianus Family.

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