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William Elmer Stewart

24 Jul 1901 West Virginia 1
17 Apr 1925 Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina
Bellvue Cemetery (Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina)

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William Elmer Stewart's Family Relations

Charles Willis Stewart
19 Feb 1906 – 1 Oct 1985
Oscar Winfred Stewart
18 Nov 1893 – 15 Apr 1915
Anthony Dewitte Stewart
8 Aug 1897 – 17 Jan 1981
Elsa Gertrude Stewart
8 Jan 1895 – 2 Feb 1992
Lorena Faye Stewart
13 Sep 1899 – 19 Aug 1937
Virginia Bernice Stewart
8 Jun 1903 – 9 Jun 1905

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Memoirs of the Late Rev. Alexander Stewart, D.D. : One of the Ministers of Canongate, Edinburgh - Page 223


REV. ALEXANDER STEWART, D. D. 217 members of the council; their refusal; the persevering prayers, and other means employ- ed by the godly all over the country, to gain M the council; the delays, alarms, and disap- pointments, and at last the complete success of their wishes. You will learn every thing more particu- larly, when I shew you the correspondence in Perth, if it please God we meet there. " When I considered all the steps and circum- stances, a worldly engine put in motion by the breath of prayer, the iron gate opening of its own accord, I could not but acknow- ledge the divine call, nor hesitate to accept it. I have accordingly written my answer, ac- cepting the councils invitation. How to manage with the poor Moulin people, is the present difficulty. I took a number of them into my room last night, after worship, read my letters, and conversed with them. They were indeed sorely grieved, yet they did not deny the call being of God, and nothing but their personal attachment to me hindered them from fully acquiescing in it. We have the example and the success of the D--------- people, to encourage us to be instant in prayer, that the Lord would send a faithful pastor to >Ioulin, who may feed them with strong o

Reminiscences of Senator William M. Stewart, of Nevada - Page 232


Reminiscences of William M. Stewart 223 Nevada, and became a member of my family, and my clerk. It was not long before Clemens took notice of Miss Virginia. Her timid, aristocratic native shrank from him, and I think she was half afraid of him. He did not overlook any opportunities to make her life miser- able, and was always playing some joke on her. He would lurch around the halls, pretending to be intoxi- cated, and would throw her into a fit about six times a day. He would bum the light in his bedroom all night, and started her figuring up her expense account with a troubled, anxious face. Pretty soon he took to smok- ing cigars in bed. She never slept after this discovery, but every night would lie awake, with her clothes handy on a chair, expecting the house to be burned down any minute, and ready to skip out at the first alarm; and she became so pale, and thin, and wasted, and troubled that it would have melted a pirates heart to see her. She crept to my room one day, the mere shadow of her former self. She no longer leaned over backward, as she usually did, because of being so straight and dignified, but was badly bent. I was shocked. Senator, she said, if you dont ask that friend of yours to leave I shall have to give up my lodging- house, and God knows what will become of me then. He smokes …

Charles Stewart Parnell, A Memoir - Page 270


250 CHARLES STEWART PARNELL In spite of all attempts to keep the platform clear, there was a gigantic crowd at Kingsbridge Station to see Charley off to Cork, whither he was bound to rally his own constituents. He then went on to Kilkenny, where his terrible alteration in health was soon the subject of alarmed discus- sion among his supporters. He was able, how- ever, both there and at Cork, to deliver a series of vigorous telling speeches, and to get his organiza- tion into full swing. | The Power of the Church. Although he fought with incredible energy to the very end of the contest, Charley realized, long before the figures were announced, that he would lose Kilkenny. The reason was that the priests as a body were against him, and he then, as ever before, appreciated the power of the Catholic Church in Ireland, especially when now, for the first time, he came into open conflict with it. Of course, it was one thing for politicians to continue to regard him as Chief of his party, and to regard moral considerations as being entirely outside their scope of judgment. If the entire Irish party had done so, no one could have been very much surprised. Indeed, they would have been com- mended generally, both for their loyalty towards …

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About William Elmer Stewart

William Elmer Stewart is a member of the Stewart Family.

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