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Aaron Morrill

9 Aug 1658 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts
31 Jan 1659 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts

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Aaron Morrill's Family Relations

Abraham Morrill
– 20 Jun 1662
Sarah Clement
– Aug 1694

Abraham Morrill
14 Nov 1652 –
Jacob Morrill
24 Aug 1648 –
Lydia Morrill
8 Mar 1661 –
Hepzibah Morrill
Jan 1663 –
Isaac Morrill
10 Jul 1646 –
Richard Morrill
9 Feb 1660 – 17 Feb 1660
Moses Morrel
28 Dec 1655 –
Sarah Morrill
14 Oct 1650 –

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Morrill Kindred in America (Volume 1) - Page 36


28 Morrill Kindred in America bridge, as it was later called ; John Coxsall or Coggeshell, John Watson, William Heath, Thomas Uskitt or Offit, Isaac Murrill or Morrill, William Curtis, Daniell Bremer or Brewer, Jo. Totman, settled first at Roxbury ; John Browne, Jo. Benjamin, and Richard Benjamin, settled at Watertown; William James, and Charles Glower or Glover, at Salem; Robert Shelley, at Scituate ; John Witchfield, at Dorchester ; Jonathan Wade, at Charlestown ; Edward Holmer or Holman, at Plymouth ; while for Joseph Roberts, Richard Allis, Robert Bartlett, John …

The Legislative Career of Justin S. Morrill (Volume 2) - Page 14


and whatever practical defects may be from time to time discovered in its working, it is only a bare statement of fact to say that it has on the whole been sustained by the judgment of the country as represented in Congress during the forty years that have followed it with the single brief break made by the Wilson measure (1893- 97) and has accomplished far more than its most san- guine friends anticipated. This measure, with its subse- quent modifications, was the backbone of a financial system which enabled the Government to carry on the most costly and destructive war of modern times, and, after the extra- ordinary expenses of the war had ceased, provided means for paying off $100, 000, 000 of debt per annum for several successive years; so strengthened the public credit that bonds of the United States bearing only 2 and 3 per cent, interest now stand at a premium in the market; in- creased the wealth of the country from $16, 000, 000, 000, in 1860, to $90, 000, 000, 000, in 1900; made us, in addition to being the greatest agricultural nation in the world, the great- est manufacturing nation, increasing our annual exports of manufactured products from a few millions to nearly five hundred millions; enabled us to equip European rail- ways with American locomotives, to build battleships for Russia and underground electric railways for London, to erect steel bridges in Central Africa, to lay down steel rails in Russia, Australia and Java, and to take up government loans for Germany, Russia, and Great Britain. It is a …

Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Justin S. Morrill (Late a Senator From Vermont) - Page 22


MEMORIAL ADDRESSES. February 22, 1899 . Mr. Ross. Mr. President, in pursuance of the notice hereto- fore given, I submit resolutions relating to the death of the late Senator Morrill, and ask for their present consideration. The Vice-President. The resolutions submitted by the Senator from Vermont will be read. The Secretary read as follows: Resolved, That it is with deep regret and profound sorrow that the Senate hears the announcement of the death of Hon. Justin Smith Morrill, late a Senator from the State of Vermont. Resolved, That the Senate extends to his family and to the people of the State of Vermont sincere condolence in their bereavement. Resolved, That, as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, the business of the Senate be now suspended to enable his associates to pay fitting tribute to his high, charac- ter and distinguished services. Resolved, That the Secretary transmit to the family of the deceased and to the governor of the State of Vermont a copy of these resolutions, with the action of the Senate thereon. Resolved, That the Secretary communicate these resolutions to the House of Representatives. Resolved, That, as an additional mark of respect, at the con- clusion of these exercises the Senate do adjourn. 7

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