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Herbert M. Gregory

1868 Pennsylvania, USA

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David Gregory
1828 –


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Benjamin Gregory D.D. : Autobiographical Recollections Edited With Memorials of His Later Life - Page 438


420 BENJAMIN GREGORY church had failed in its duty towards Methodism, how com- pletely the blame of the schism rested on the church which unrighteously thrust Methodism from her. Only a week or two ago an old gentleman spoke to me of the great effect produced by my fathers pamphlet on Methodistsof which there were several in the Circuitwho wished to regard Methodism as still dependent upon the Establishment. Extracts from Letters The Institution and Chapel Committees are very interesting. We had a very animated debate on the necessity of physical exercise for the Didsbury students, their health having been in a very unsatis- factory state. I took the side of the exercise so strongly that, after some hours of discussion, in which we were strongly opposed, the committee at last nominated Theophilus Woolmer and myself along with several laymen, Mr Heald, Percy Bunting, Professor Williamson, etc., to decide at once on gymnastic appliances, indeed facilities for both recreation and regulated exercise, for the necessity of whichbothI strongly contended. We paid a visit to the Peel Park gymnasium, and have decided on a fives-court, and the best of the appointments of the gymnasium. I pleaded strongly for tennis, but the other members did not understand the game, and cricket was expressly interdicted by the general committee. George Steward has issued a great work, Mediatorial Sovereignty two thick vols. octavo. He has sent me a copy. I am sadly dis- …

Robert Gregory, 1819-1911. Being the Autobiography of Robert Gregory, D.D., Dean of St. Pauls - Page 71


PARISH WORK IN COUNTRY AND TOWN 51 characteristic stories of her. She was a personage of highly energetic action, and once when conduct- ing a Mothers Meeting treat to a friends house in the country, where it had been stipulated that no babies should be brought, she cast her eye round the railway carriage as the train started: Mrs. Brown, youve brought your baby ; I told you not to, and sweeping down on it, handed it through the window to the reluctant curate, who had come to the station to round up the party and see them off A girl in whom she had been greatly interested attached herself some years later to the Salvation Army. After a while she went out of her mind, and the Salvation Army authorities came to Miss Gregory to ask her to provide for the girl, to which she replied: No! you took her away to squall and bawl for you ; and now shes squal- ling and bawling on her own account you can keep her. It was indeed an energetic world which Mr. Gregory set moving at Lambeth. Thus the story of the life there is told. Answering an advertisement in the Guardian, I had the offer of a curacy at Lambeth at the Parish Church, which I accepted, and on Advent Sunday, 1851, I commenced my duties as curate …

Benjamin Gregory D.D. : Autobiographical Recollections Edited With Memorials of His Later Life - Page 52


33 BENJAMIN GREGORY you perceive they do not understand the stress of your question, lead them into it by other questions. This shrewd idea of putting leading questions, such as those by which an astute barrister elicits from a witness the reply he wants to get, was afterwards well wrought out by Emily Taylor in her capital suggestions as to the teaching of children. The experimental part of these Instructions was thoroughly rubbed into my intelligence, with gentle, persevering application, and with the grateful aromatic oil of kindliness and sympathy. I not only learnt the nature, but obtained the gift of true Repentance as there defined : Being thoroughly convinced of our sinfulness, guilt and helplessness. The endeavour was like that of Wesley at Savannah, to fix something in the understanding as well as the memory. Janeways Token for Children (Wesleys abridged edition) was, for the same reason, soon reduced from the rank of a lesson-book to a basis for religious conversation. My home- instruction in religion could not be justly called inculcation : it was neither stamped nor tramped, neither rammed nor crammed into me by mere memory. Even Moses says : My doctrine shall distil as the dew. Thus gently did Christs doctrine percolate my soul. At my own request I was permitted to attend the Sunday school, but one mornings experience was quite enough for me. My entrance-examination consisted of a rough estimate of my inches. I was placed under the tuition …

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