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Stephen Samborne

1624 England

Stephen Samborne's Family Relations

John Samborne
1590 – 1630
Ann Bachiler
1600 –

John Samborne
1620 – 19 Dec 1692
William Samborne
1622 – 17 Nov 1692

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Genealogy of the Family of Samborne or Sanborn in England and America. 1194-1898 (Volume 1) - Page 243


THE AMERICAN SANBORNS. 83 Richard Samborn of Hampton farmer for & in Consideration of ye Natural Affection and fatherly love \vch I have & do Bear unto my Beloved Son Shubal Samborn of ye Same Town & for other good causes & Considerations me at this time Especially moving more Especially for ye Conditions hereafter Express'1 to be pformd by my Son Shubal have Given him my sd Son Shubal al my Estate Except w is hereafter Except*1 viz: al my Houses Buildings lands meadows marshes Pastures Gardens Orchards outlands Comonages Except w I have Given my Son In Samborn by a deed of Gift I say al my lands & Rights to lands w soever or w* soever Exept \vc is Before c hereafter Exceptd together with ye one half of my Stock of cattle of w* kind or sort soever \vth ye one half of al my Household goods not already Disposed of he my sd Son Shubal to Possess and Enjoy ye one half of my Houses Buildings land meadow Marshes Pastures Orchards Gardens and outlands Except one Share or lott In ye 3d West Division mediately & ye other half I mediately after my Decease & also ye Remainder of al my Stock Chattels Household Goods & …

Genealogy of the Family of Samborne or Sanborn in England and America. 1194-1898 (Volume 1) - Page 185


REV. STEPHEN BACHILER: OUR FIRST AMERICAN ANCESTOR. The best clue to our English origin seems to lie through the discoveries o o in regard to Rev. Stephen Bachiler, the grandfather of our first American ancestors. The account of Mr. Bachiler. given below, states the main o 7 facts of his life ; but for our purpose the most important point is that he was first and last a Hampshire man. He lived in Hampshire from his pre- sentation to the living of Wherwell until he sailed for America, and all his "Arms, Signature, and Seal of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. connections were with Hampshire. He was Vicar of Wherwell while Rev. James Samborne was Vicar of Andover, almost the next parish, and while Anthony Gattonby was Rector of Goodworth Clatford, the very next parish to Wherwell; after Mr. Bachiler had been deprived of his benefice the second Rev. James Samborne was successively Rector of Grateley and Upper Clatford, but a few miles further away; and as we have seen, the Sambornes and Gattonby were strongly tinged with Puritanism. This branch of the Sambornes was essentially a Hampshire family, owning land there and marrying Hampshire women. All the children of Rev. Stephen …

Genealogy of the Family of Samborne or Sanborn in England and America. 1194-1898 (Volume 1) - Page 49


SAMBORNE HERALDRY : PEDIGREE OF ENGLISH SAMBORNES. is described in every heraldic dictionary as belonging to Samborne, I can find no authority for it at the Heralds College. It may have been a late seventeenth century grant, but I doubt its authenticity. 5. Samborne (no location). Sable (another, azure), a lion ram- pant, or. No crest. This coat is given in Glover's Ordinary of Arms as belonging to Sir John Samburne, and is also mentioned by Burke, etc., but I think in error; probably confounded (because of a Samborne inter-marriage in 1490 or thereabouts), .with the arms of Brocas of Beaurepaire (Sable, a lion rampant-guardant, or). This, I take it, is the coat which the Pamphlet Genealogy of 1856 still farther confused by adding five mullets to it. Under the rules of British heraldry, coat-armour can be borne only by those who deduce a straight line from some ancestor of their name who bore it of right. If the exact connecting link between the American and English families shall proveto be, as I incline to believe, through the descendants of the Hampshire Sambornes of the sixteenth century, then we shall be enti- tled to bear the ancient Samborne arms. It may be observed here that the arms of the noble Belgian family of Sandberg are very similar to the English Samborne arms in device, though different in tincture. The noble English family of Creting bore the chevron and mullets : this family became …

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