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George O. Aldrich 1

22 Oct 1831 2

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George O. Aldrich's Family Relations

Olive Holbrook
16 Apr 1808 – 2 Mar 1881

Phineas L. Aldrich
27 Dec 1829 –
Uranah Aldrich
6 Apr 1834 –

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The Life of Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Page 150


96 THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH paragraph about it, too and I have requested him to suppress it. If you would simply state, in a line and a half under Literary Notes, that you mistook one Hy.-Slocum (no, it was one Carl Byng, I perceive) Carl Byng for Mark Twain, and that it was the former who wrote the plagiarism entitled Three Aces, I think that would do a fair justice without any unseemly display. But it is hard to be accused of plagiarism a crime I never have committed in my life. Yours truly, Mark Twain. I have just crossed Mr. Carl Byng and Mr. Hy. Slocum both off the Expresss list of contributors (for their own good for everything they write is straightway saddled onto me). Ill T. B. Aldrich to Samuel L. Clemens Jan. 25, 1871 . My dear Sir, It is too late to attempt to prevent me doing you justice! About 42, 000 copies of your note, with my apology nobly appended, are now printed, and we hope to have the rest of the edition off the press by to-morrow night. In the next No. of E. S. I will withdraw my apology, if you say so! Yours truly, T. B. Aldrich. …

The Life of Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Page 137


BEACON HILL 87 brought him in, all dripping as he was, to see how lovely a Thanksgiving dining-room was prepared. He kissed us all at parting, and as soon as he and the girls had left Mr. Fields drove up, and in a moment said, I am going for Dickens; he must see this!9 So off he went, and in a few moments returned with the lion of the season, dressed for a dinner given to him at Mr. Longfellows. We went all over the house, and Mr. Dickens said, 1 want to see Lizzie; I know all about her. So L came down, and gave the mite a decanter of wine and some preserved fruit, which she brought up to the library, and in her old way lisped out to him, would he plethe to take some wine and fruit ? Her manner made him shout. He has since declared himself delighted with all the people in the house, and everything about it. It was in the dining-room of this same little house that Longfellow first conceived The Hanging of the Crane. The story has been told by Aldrich himself and is printed in the notes to the Cambridge edition of Longfellows Poems: One morning in the spring of 1867 Mr. Longfellow came to the little home in Pinckney Street, where we had set up housekeeping in the …

The Life of Thomas Bailey Aldrich - Page 19


LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH Frontispiece From a photograph by Cox THE NUTTER HOUSE 2 From a sketch by Launt Thompson THOMAS DARLING BAILEY GRANDFATHER NUTTER 6 From a daguerreotype THE HOUSE OF THE BAD BOY IN NEW ORLEANS 10 From a sketch by Albert Phelps TOM BAILEY IN REGIMENTALS 14 From a daguerreotype SARAH ABBA BAILEY ALDRICH 18 From a daguerreotype 105 CLINTON PLACE, NEW YORK (33 WEST EIGHTH STREET) 22 From a drawing by E. C. Peixotto ALDRICH ABOUT 1854 26 From a ferrotype N. P. WILLIS IN 1856 36 LAUNT THOMPSON 44 From a caricature by George …

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George O. Aldrich is a member of the Aldrich Family.

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