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1663 Marsal, Albi, Languedoc, France 1

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1689 – 1740

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The Argonaut July - Dec 1894 (Volume 35) - Page 140


o THE A RG O N AU T 27, F - 7, 1894. ZOLAS NEW BOOK. Lourdes, a Study of Credulity and PriestcraftThe Annual Pilgrimage to the Miracle-Working SpringCom- mercial Catholicism. Although Emile Zolas new book, Lourdes, 5} has been syndicated by daily papers all over the United States, and hundreds of thousands of copies printed, we have not seen a human being who has read it. A synopsis, therefore, with a number of the more striking passages, will not be out of order. The book is a study of religious faith, being the first of three works in which this subject will be treated. The others will be Paris and Rome. In a recent interview, M. Zola told the genesis of this novel : What made me place my new story at Lourdes? Well, some three years ago my wife and I happened to be traveling in the Basque country. anS passed by the famous grotto. I have seen many won- derful things in my life, but never was I so impressed : those who have not been there have missed one of the most pathetic and strange sights of the world. The sick, the lame, the halt, the blind, and not only those in physical distress, but their brethren in mental and spiritual trouble, all meet in this little village and form a practi- cally endless procession past the shrine. …

Folklore Society (Volume 04) - Page 275


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Mouton Ancestry


... who was married to Marie Girouard. His father was Antoine And his mother was Jeanne Merlasse from southern France. Jean was a doctor. Hope this will be of help. William E ...

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Jeanne MERLASSE is a member of the MERLASSE Family.

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!BIRTH-FATHER-MARRIAGE-CHILD: In GEDCOM file sent by Brunella Walker MARTIN in Oct 1997. Jeanne MERLASSE, born 1663 in Marseille, BDR, France, daughter of Salvador, born before 1600 in France, married Antoine MOUTON, born 1615 in France. [Could her husband really have been 48 years older than she?]


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