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1783 New York, United States
1833 Douglas, York, New Brunswick, Canada

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Artimissa Todd's Family Relations

Mix Todd
21 Dec 1752 – 1837
1861 – 1846

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History of Morrison and Todd Counties, Minnesota, Their People, Industries and Institutions (Volume 2) - Page 421


MORRISON AND TODD COUNTIES, MINNESOTA. 707 township, Morrison county, to engage in the same business. The land pur- chased by him at the time of his arrival consisted of two hundred and twelve acres in section 9. The land was sold, however, in 1883, when Mr. Bates went to Darling township, to farm 011 a tract of land he bought in section 10, extending over one hundred and sixty acres. For twelve years he was engaged in building up the farm he had bought, and added many improve- ments to it, including the building of a new house and barn. The land in this section is especially rich and adaptable to the needs of the agriculturist, the accumulation of decayed vegetation having left a top covering on the rich soil. Mr. Bates was not long in discovering the farming possibilities in the locality where he was engaged and made a third purchase of land, this tract being located in section 9, Darling township. The farm covered eighty acres and on this land Mr. Bates farmed until his death, which occurred in 1910. Lucetta (Roberts) Bates, his wife, was born in 1845, in New York and died on the 17th of September, 1914 . She became the mother of ten children, all of whom are living. Both parents are buried in Randall, Minnesota. Benjamin …

John Todd : the Story of His Life Told Mainly by Himself - Page 380


366 JOHN TODD. thanks for your kind letter, for your partiality to me, and for all your acts of friendship. As to your letter, and the inquiries made therein, let me see, what shall I say ? An old eagle sat in his eyrie, where he had been gather- ing sticks and building his nest and raising his young for many years. He looked off over the lake, on the bank of which his eyrie stood, and it was fair and beautiful. The trees around him were green and lofty, and their bows waved and their leaves rustled whenever he alighted on them. The lake afforded him fresh fish; and the blue herons and the fish-hawks, the gulls and the loons, all kept at a distance, and let the old eagle alone. His family was large, and he tried to feed them, and train them so that they might look the sun full in the face and fly toward him. At length they came to the old eagle, and asked him to remove his eyrie to another lake, where the waters were wider and deeper, and the fish more abundantwhere there were more herons and fish-hawks, gulls and loons, to fight away from eating up the fish. They told him that his eyrie would be higher, and he could see and fly farther. But he said that his lake was al- ready as large as his eye could see over, and there were more fish than he could take, and his family was too large to move, sticks and all, and he feared that the very friends who urged him to go would be disappointed in the result. Then he looked toward the lake, and saw it not beginning to dry up, and at his tree on which his eyrie …

History of Morrison and Todd Counties, Minnesota, Their People, Industries and Institutions (Volume 2) - Page 116


4 26 MORRISON AND TODD COUNTIES, MINNESOTA. of Douglas county, Minnesota, born on Septemberio, 1879. Mrs. Dally is the daughter of Frank and Lydia (Livernash) Tabor, natives of Minnesota. Mrs. Dally was educated at Parkers Prairie, where she lived most of her life until her marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Dally have had three children, Clare, Harold and Inez, all of whom are attending school. As a Republican Mr. Dally has served in several positions of trust and responsibility. He was village recorder at Walker, Minnesota, village recorder at Eagle Bend, village recorder at Hewitt for four terms and the recipient of additional political honors. He considers himself an inde- pendent Republican, but is an ardent believer in prohibition. He is a mem- ber of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, a past grand, and was a mem- ber of the grand lodge of 1902. Mr. and Mrs. Dally are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and Mr. Dally is a steward in the church. HENRY GASSERT. A successful farmer of Morrison county, …

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