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10 Oct 1836 Rutherglen Lanarkshire Scotland 6 7 8 9 10 11
31 Aug 1920 15 Colebrooke Street Cambuslang Lanarkshire Scotland 13

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John Liddell's Family Relations

William Liddell
25 Apr 1787 – 1845
Margaret Young
19 Apr 1799 – 23 Jan 1880

William Liddell
13 Jan 1822 – 16 Jan 1862
Alexander Liddell
1824 – 9 Sep 1884
Peter Liddell
1827 – 7 Feb 1897
James Liddell
1832 – 16 Feb 1896

Jean Or Jane Muir
3 Mar 1836 – 13 Dec 1915
December 31, 1857
Silverbank Lane Cambuslang Lanarkshire Scotland

George Muir Liddell
10 May 1866 –
Jeanie Liddell
27 Mar 1868 – 7 Feb 1955
James Liddell
12 Apr 1873 – 2 Dec 1941
Alexander Liddell
2 May 1870 – 16 Jun 1927
Margaret Liddell
27 May 1860 –
Mary Liddell
24 Feb 1859 – 4 Mar 1937
Crawford Robertson Liddell
9 Dec 1871 – 8 Jun 1948
David Muir Liddell
11 Mar 1863 – 11 Jul 1892

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Henry George Liddell, D.D., Dean of Christ Church, Oxford; A Memoir - Page 61


ch. ii] George Marshall 39 Court below. But, your Grace, began the horrified Counsel. . . . I affirm it, with costs, interrupted his Grace. I fear it will hardly do to follow this summary and convenient course here. Among his pupils in this early stage of his tutorial life was one who has lately passed away, and whose memory will long be affectionately cherished by very many Christ Church men, the saintly George Marshall, afterwards Censor of Christ Church, and in later life Rector of Milton. Marshall had just come up from Charterhouse, and to Liddells high delight had won a college exhibition, the prelude, in his case, to a distinguished academical career. He was among the first fruits of Saunders work at Charterhouse. I hope and trust he will not fall off under my care. He is a well-disposed, modest, clever lad, and it would grieve me, I am sure, quite as much as it could his nearest and dearest friends, to see him go wrong. However, I hope that, humanly speaking, there is very little chance of it. But I cannot help feeling, more and more, how heavy a responsibility rests upon me ; while, from the nature of the place, one has much less power of interfering with …

Henry George Liddell, D.D., Dean of Christ Church, Oxford : a Memoir - Page 119


ch. xv] Increase of Numbers Prince Albert, to whom Mr. Liddell was domestic Chaplain, was present at a fourth special representa- tion of this Play, and afterwards at that of 1851. The school increased in numbers and was in a fair way of recovering its old connexion. Many, some of high rank, several of great distinction, again sent sons to their old school. It was seen that Mr. Liddell, though not an Old Westminster, was in the best sense of the term a Public School man ; and that, while he would prune unsparingly erratic and mischievous growths, he would leave untouched the free, manly, and honourable stock of the Public School spirit. He was too wise a man to sacrifice a use because of an abuse. The tide continued for some time steadily to rise; but counteracting forces came gradually into play. It is worthy of the great position formerly occupied by the school that the checks to its prosperity should be closely connected with the great movements of national thought. One of these, which is still in full force, had already made itself felt in Reform, Catholic Emanci- pation, and Free Trade. The Spirit of the Age, which with the March of Intellect was a phrase much in vogue at that time, was emphatically one of inquiry. That a thing had been was no pre- sumption that it should …

Henry George Liddell, D.D., Dean of Christ Church, Oxford; A Memoir - Page 70


48 Life at Christ Church [CH. II time it was not customary for the Tutors to see their pupils of an evening; but Liddell did it, at least with me, and would give me special help then in any books in which he thought me behind- hand. The example which he himself set of industry was evidenced by the way in which we used to find him working at his Lexicon. In the interval between one Lecture and another he would be found standing at his desk over his interleaved copy of the first edition, correcting and amending it. And that standing desk recalls his advice which I have ever since treasured both in reading and in writing: Keep your books open, ready to be returned to when you come back to work.' In the year 1838 he experienced a very heavy sorrow, the first great bereavement of his life, in the unexpected death of his sister Harriett, at the age of eighteen. She was a singularly beautiful girl, and had already attracted the love of one of Liddells most intimate friends, Stephen Denison, who has been before mentioned as a member of the Tribes5 club, and had, like his brother, attained high distinc- tion at Oxford. Harnett Liddell had shown symptoms of delicacy in the winter of 1837-8, but nothing serious was apprehended; and though, during the early spring, she had been ailing and weak, plans were being formed and discussed for a …

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About John Liddell

John Liddell is a member of the Liddell Family.

Author Notes

John was a Collier according to his marriage registration at the time he gave his address as Newton Colliery.

He is shown below in the 1881 census

Source: FHL Film 0203619 GRO Ref Volume 627 EnumDist 2 Page 26 477838Cambuslang, Lanark, Scotland
Dwelling Morriston Street Cambuslang

David LIDDELL Son Unmarried 18 M Coal Miner Cambuslang, Lanark, Scotland
William LIDDELL Son Unmarried 19 M Coal Miner Cambuslang, Lanark, Scotland
John LIDDELL Head Married 46 M Coal Miner Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland
Jane LIDDELL Wife Married 45 F Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland John LIDDELL Son Unmarried 16 M Coal Miner Cambuslang, Lanark, Scotland
Alexander LIDDELL Son Unmarried 10 M Scholar Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland
James LIDDELL Son Unmarried 8 M Scholar Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland
Jane LIDDELL Daughter Unmarried 13 F Scholar Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland
Cawford LIDDELL Son Unmarried 9 M Scholar Rutherglen, Lanark, Scotland


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