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Lulu Spurgeon

, , North Carolina

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Lulu Spurgeon's Family Relations

May 14, 1884

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The Life and Labors of Charles H. Spurgeon : the Faithful Preacher, the Devoted Pastor, the Noble Philanthropist, the Beloved College President, and the Voluminous Writer, Author, Etc., Etc - Page 567


506 LIFE AND LABORS OF C. H. SPURGEON. merchant would take the box and press it for a moment to his bosom, then, devoutly crossing himself and murmuring an invoca tion to some saint, he would draw a tiny gold key, which he wore next his person, from his bosom, unlock the casket, and hold up his precious pet to the light that fell from a large grated window above. It was a glorious sight for the lover of such things: a pearl as large as a small egg, of unsurpassed beauty and marvellous lustre. The sphere was perfect, the play of colors, as he would let it reluctantly roll from his hands over his long white fingers down on the dark table, was only equalled by the flaming opal, and yet there was a soft, subdued light about the lifeless thing which endowed it with an almost irresistible charm. It was not only the pleasure its perfect form and matchless beauty gave to the eye, nor the overwhelming thought of the fact that the little ball was worth anything an emperor or a millionnaire might choose to give for it, there was a magic in its playful, ever-changing sheen as it rolled to and fro, a contagion in the rapt fervor with which the grim old merchant watched its every flash and flare, which left few hearts cold as they saw the marvel of St. Peters burg. For such it was, and the emperor himself, who loved pearls dearly, had in vain offered rank and titles and honors for the priceless gem. A few years afterwards a conspiracy was discovered, and sev- , eral great men were arrested. Among the suspected was the …

Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon Compiled From His Diary, Letters and Records (Volume 3) - Page 207


c. h. spurgeons autobiography 191 Mr. Spurgeon knew how to turn everything to account in his great life-work of preaching the gospel. A simple incident, associated with the new house and garden, furnished him with a most effective illustration for a sermon in the Tabernacle. Long after he had left Nightingale Lane, he recalled the circumstances ; and, in urging his hearers, who had found the Saviour, to seek to bring others to Him, he said C. H. SPURGEON ON THE BALCONY OF THE NEW 11 HELENSBURGH HOUSE In the depth of winter, at a time when I had a balcony to my study, I put some crumbs out upon it, and there came a robin redbreast first, who pecked and ate all he could. I do not know his language, but I fancy I can tell what he said, for he went away, and presently returned with ever so many sparrows and other birds. He had no doubt said to them, There are crumbs up there; come with me, and get them. So they followed him, and they came in greater numbers every day, and I do not know how it was except that they told one another. One day, whether it was the robin or the sparrows, I cannot say, but some of them told a blackbird, and he was a bigger fellow than any of them ; when he came, he stood near, for I should think, a minute, and then he spied me inside, and he flew …

Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon Compiled From His Diary, Letters and Records (Volume 1) - Page 211


C. H< spurgeons autobiography. 197 Mark the providences of this year; how clearly have you seen His hand in things which others esteem chance ! God, who has moved the world, has exercised His own vast heart and thought for you. All your life, your spiritual life, all things have worked together for good ; nothing has gone wrong, for God has directed, con- trolled all. Why sayest thou, O Jacob, and speakest, O Israel, My way is hid from the Lord, and my judgment is passed over from my God ? He who counts the hairs of our heads, and keeps us as the apple of His eye, has not forgotten you, but still loves you with an everlasting love. The mountains have not departed yet, nor the hills been removed, and till then we may have confidence that we, His own people, are secure. But I am writing what to you are everyday meditations. Well, dear Mother, you know where this comes from, only from your boy. Let us rejoice together; your prayers for us I know will be answered, they are sure to be, for God has said so. May God give you a feasthoney, wine, milk, may you be satisfied with marrow and fatness, satiated with the dainties and luxuries of religion, and rejoice exceedingly in the Lord ! I remember that, a year ago, I publicly professed the name of Jesus by baptism. Pray …

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Lulu Spurgeon is a member of the Spurgeon Family.

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