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Rupert Nichols


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Rupert L Nichols
18 Sep 1911 – 1 Jan 2009
– 1955

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Memoir of the late John Gough Nichols, F.S.A - Page 22


10 TI1E L A T E J O H N GOUGH NICHOLS. forming the first Part of Volume V., was just finished, but not published, at the time of the death of Sir Richard on May 19, 1838 . The Hundred of Frustfield, which had been undertaken by George iMatcham, esq., and the History of Old and New Sarum by Robert Benson, esq. and Mr. Hatcher, were still incom plete. The progress of this work occasioned several visits by ]\Ir. Nichols to Wiltshire, of which we may especially note one undertaken in the September following the death of Sir Richard for the purpose of making arrangements for the completion of the history. In 1838 he published A Description of the Frescoes dis covered in 1804 in the Guild Chapel at Stratford-ou-A von and , of the Records relating thereto, being an account of some very curious mediaeval paintings, written to accompany a reissue of the care fid drawings by Thomas Fisher, first published in 1808 ; , and a Description of the Church of St. M ary Warwick, and of the Beauchamp Chapel; and the Monuments of the Beauchamps and Dudleys. In …

Memoir of the Late John Bowyer Nichols, Esq. - Page 29


APPENDIX. i. STATIONERS HALL. At a Court of Assistants held on Tuesday the 3rd day of November, 1863 , Notice being taken of the decease, since the last Court, of John Bowyer Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. F L.S., a much respected member of the Court, It was unanimously resolved, That this Court deeply regret the great loss they have sustained by the death of Mr. Nichols, who, while distinguished for his literary attainments, and remarkable for his kind and courteous disposition, ever took an anxious interest in the welfare of this Company, and at his own expense generously increased the benevolent charity founded by his late worthy Father for the benefit of freemen of the Company ; and this Court desire to record their sense of the great respect and esteem in which the memory of Mr. Nichols must ever be revered by this Court. (Signed) CHARLES RIVINGTON, Clerk." II. CAMDEN SOCIETY. At a Meeting of the Council of the Camden Society, held at No. 25, Parlia- ment Street, Westminster, on Wednesday the 4th day of November, 1863 , The Most Honourable the Marquess of Bristol, the President, in the Chair, The …

Recent Tennessee Political History : Interviews With Sidney Nichols, June 23, 1977 [and] June 24, 1977 / by Charles W. Crawford, Transcriber - Carol Laney - Page 61


24 Will Gerber. Will Gerbers picture was at the bottom of the totem pole and here, Jack had drawn a little old dog sniffing around at the bottom part of the totem pole. So this comes out in the paper and Bill Sturdivant comes over and tell us, "Our color is out the window, look at this cartoon that Jack Knox has drawn and Will Gerber, the guy that we have been trying to butter up to get the legislation passed on color for liquor adsit's gone." DR. CRAWFORD: I believe Will Gerber was working with the legis- lative delegation. HR. NICHOLS: I believe he was. And they resented him in Nashville. If there was a tough job to do, he got the tough job. As a consequence he bore the brunt of the criticism, which he understood and it was all right. You can find that cartoon back in the archives of The Commercial Appeal to try to pinpoint the date. But you know we have not yet talked about Clarence Saunders except maybe to mention the Pink Palace. To me, Clarence Saunders was a great Memphian and has to be included. DR. CRAWFORD: …

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