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Joseph Willett

7 Jul 1837
29 Mar 1910

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Joseph Willett's Family Relations


John Lagan Willett
13 Aug 1886 –

Lucinda Attebury
1836 –


Amanda Henline
31 Aug 1832 – 17 Sep 1900
February 15, 1865
McLean Co, IL

Lillian (Lillie) Willett
1 Apr 1866 – 22 Jul 1928
Ada Almeda Willett
24 Nov 1867 – 5 Nov 1944
Elsie Lee Willett
21 Oct 1875 –

September 22, 1904
Wilson Co, KS

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A Narrative of the Military Actions of Colonel Marinus Willett, Taken Chiefly From His Own Manuscript - Page 69


61 settlement, where they arrived at three oclock, having* trav- elled in this time about fifty miles.* On arriving at Fort Dayton, a small stockade fort at the German Flats, they received a hearty welcome from Colonel Weston, who was stationed there with his regiment. From Colonel Weston, Col. Willett obtained the agreeable intelligence that Gen. Learnard had been ordered by General Schuyler to march with his brigade of Massachusetts troops (which had been stationed on Van Schaicks Island, about ten miles above Albany, ) to the relief of the fort. Having rested that night at Fort Dayton, Col. Willett, still accompanied by Major Stockvvell, set out on horseback early next morning to meet these troops, which they had the satis- faction of doing the very same night. Having been in- formed by General Learnard, that the troops intended for the relief of the fort, were to be commanded by General Arnold, who was at Albany, Colonel Willett proceeded next day to that place. Here he learned from General Arnold, that the first New York regiment was also on its march to join …

A Narrative of the Military Actions of Colonel Marinus Willett, Taken Chiefly From His Own Manuscript - Page 167


159 From the Neiv-York Constellation. Death of Colonel Willett.Another Revolutionary soldier is gone. The venerable Colonel Willett died on Sunday- evening, at his house, Cedar Grove, in the 91st year of his age. He was a lieutenant in the French war, and a colonel in the war of the Revolution. He distinguished himself by his defence at Fort Stanwix against the united attacks of the British and Indian marauders. His courage and presence, of mind were particularly displayed in his conflicts with the sons of the forest.In private life Col. Willett was distin- guished for integrity, frankness, and decision of character. From the New-York Herald. Death of Col.- Willett.We have to record the demise of this brave soldier of the Revolution, generally known as the Hero of Fort Stanwix. Col. Willett not only claimed ad- miration for his valour, but the confidence of his fellow citi- zens, in numerous public stations, which he filled with honour. He died at a good old age, which was cheered by the recol- lections of a life spent in the service of his country, and the respect and veneration of all around him. Being unpre- pared to give a sketch of his life, we copy the following notice of his decease from the Evening Post : From the New-York Evening Post. The venerable …

Col. Marinus Willett, the Hero of Mohawk Valley - Page 35


30 COL. MARINUS WILLETT. and had changed their ground to a more advantageous position, about one-eighth of a mile northwest of Sharon Centre, instead of one-half a mile to the southwest, where they encamped. Col. Willett divided his forces into two parallel lines, or in the form of a crescent aud placed them in a ravine and sent a small detachment over the brow of the hill to show themselves to the enemy with orders at the first tire to retreat and draw the Indians into the ravinemuch like the trap into which Herkimer was caught at the battle of Oriskany. The decoy succeeded and the Indians came rushing on, yelling, whooping, hallooing, until they met Col. Willetts men; there they were checked, the tide of battle turned, and after a sharp fight of nearly two hours, the enemy fled, Col. Willett ^following vigorously in the pursuit, calling on his men to follow, while he waved his hat and shouted at the top of his voice, Come on boys, the day is ours. I can catch in my hat all the bullets the rascals can send, and at the same time, gave orders in a loud tone of voice, as if directing a detachment to reach the rear of the enemy to cut off their retreat. The Indians and Tories were thoroughly frightened and fled in great confusion, leaving behind the plunder and booty taken the day before, killing some of their captives and hurrying off with the rest. They also left behind forty of their own dead and all of their camp equipage- The victory was complete, and produced inspiriting effect upon …

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