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Atlanta Darling

1 May 1810

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John Darling
16 Aug 1808 –
Joanna Darling
27 Aug 1812 –
Samuel Darling
17 Apr 1815 –
Rufus Darling
1817 –
Nancy Darling
1820 –

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Memorial to My Honored Kindred. Rev. Charles Chauncey Darling - Page 31


24 REV. CHARLES CHAUNCEY DARLING. as it so plainly illustrates his kind and loving nature in this relation: I would fain present an offering at this anniversary season, but having nothing suitable, such as I have, give I theea loving heart. Wfth the commencement of a New Year, my heart goes up- ward in fervent aspirations that it may be to my beloved son and daughter, fraught with the blessings of this life, so far as it may be the will of God; but above all that they may have a vivid con- sciousness of Heavens distinguishing favor and love, and a foretaste of their everlasting peaceful rest. Thanks to the Great Author of all blessings, who is using them conspicuously, as instruments of comfort to a bereaved father, the light of whose dwelling has been unexpectedly removed to illuminate a wider and brighter sphere than earth can present. But he is not alonenor shrouded in darkness; for He who has afflicted, sustains and cheers the survivor with the full expectation of a reunion with the loved one, in a home where sanctified spirits are forever unitedwhere they shall see face to face, and know as they are known. That Heaven may ever bless and sanctify my beloved children, is and shall be the prayer of an attacheda loving father. There are three things which, if carefully observed, will insure a happy New Year. Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with God. Among the many warm personal friends of Rev. and Mrs. Charles Chauncey Darling, …

James Darling: A Memorial Sketch - Page 15


MEMORIAL SKETCH. Early LifeDalkeith, 1820-58. JAMES DARLING was born at New Farm, a little hamlet near Dalkeith, on January 22nd, 1820 . His father held a place of trust on the home farm of the late Duke of Buccleuch. Both his parents are described by those who knew them well as distinguished by their intelli- gent and cheerful piety, shining out in their daily life with a light that could not be hidden. The mother is specially remembered as having been tidy and orderly in her household management, and in her expenditure out of the not too abun- dant income knowing how to make a little go a far way. Their son often spoke with grateful emotion, in later days, of the unspeakable advan- tage of having come of a godly seed. In the simple family prayers and the practical religion which pervaded and inspired the whole domestic life, the youth breathed an atmosphere of godli- ness. And the good influence of all this was constant. Like many who have thus grown up in Christian homes, he was never able to name the day of his new birth. The divine change A

James Darling: A Memorial Sketch - Page 63


DRILL HALL. 49 to learn from time to time that these labours of love on the part of his child, especially in sing- ing the Gospel, had not been in vain. It is superfluous to say that this blessing was not con- fined to the Drill Hall. A gentleman having occasion to visit one of the wards in the Royal Infirmary, was brought into conversation with a young man, one of the patients, who professed to have recently passed from death unto life. On being questioned further, he stated that a young lady had sung at his bedside a beautiful hymn, one part of which had been to him as the revela- tion of a new world and won his heart to Christ. It turned out on further inquiry that the young female evangelist was Bella Darling. Band of Hope Work. We have already had occasion, more than once, to refer to the special importance attached by the subject of our narrative to Bands of Hope, which he evidently regarded as, on the whoie, the most hopeful and easy means of root- ing total abstinence from strong drink among the principles and habits of a people. The sayings, as we have seen, were daily on his lips as house- hold words, that the character of the next generation mainly depended on the moral train- ing of the children of the present, and that it was

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