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Larry Leslie Lyell 2 3

31 Jan 1880 Kentucky, United States 4 5
8 Oct 1901

Larry Leslie Lyell's Family Relations

Benjamin Franklin Lyell
Jan 1852 – 4 Feb 1921
Francis Allen Duncan
28 Dec 1850 – 8 Apr 1930

Alvin Lyell
22 Apr 1894 – 2 Apr 1960
Minnie M Lyell
Nov 1891 –
Ethel S Lyell
Jan 1890 –
Melvin S Lyell
29 Jul 1889 – 25 Feb 1922
Edgar Cleveland Lyell
25 Oct 1884 – 12 Oct 1958
Joseph Benjamin Lyell
Jan 1882 – 8 Aug 1956
James T Lyell
1876 –
John R Lyell
1876 –

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Life, Letters, and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell, Bart (Volume I) - Page 234


212 SIR CHARLES LYELL. CHAP. IX. now that we were right in our speculations on the preten- due breccia, &c.; besides which, I bave now the satisfaction of having an example of marine remains at a greater height than any of Brocchi's sub-Apennines, and belonging to a formation decidedly more recent. It is annoying to find that Monticelli and Corelli have been poking about, and buy- ing shells in Ischia for years, and that they have not got half as many shells as I got during my visit, which amount to thirty species, without counting microscopics. The pro- portion of recent species is exceedingly remarkable. They alternate with the volcanic products of the old trachytic volcano Epomeo, which is surrounded by many minor vol- cu noes of a date comparatively as inferior as is that of Tartaret or Chaluzet to Mont Dore. At least Epomeo is to me as un- intelligible as Mont Dore, and the others are as perfect as the craters of Vivarrais. Unluckily their lavas go straight to the sea in ridges, and then form promontories, and are nowhere cut by torrents ; otherwise, as the date of some can be nearly determined, they would have been invaluable documents of comparison. When I have seen the parasitic volcanoes of Etna, I will resume the conclusion as to Auvergne which Ischia sug- gested. I was much gratified by finding that the dikes of basalt and compact lava, which are so numerous in the great escarpment presented by Somma towards the Atreo del Cavallo, agree with the dikes of the Hebrides and …

Life, Letters, and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell, Bart (Volume I) - Page 170


148 SIR CHARLES LYELL. CHAP. VI. into Titus Livy, with a French translation, and (by way of supplement) began the Latin grammar last month, with an Irish teacher, resident in Paris. Whether the young lady has in truth drunk deep of the Pierian spring, I have had 110 opportunities of ascertaining, but I can see that the liquor is getting fast into her head, and will, I fear, soon render her dh disagreeable. On Saturday week Cuvier introduced me to Professor "Van Breda of Ghent, who not only drew out for me a plan of a tour in Holland, but gave me letters to all the Dutch universities, Ghent, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leyden. He is a friend of Greenoughs, who showed him attention in London. As I finish by Ostend, I shall be glad to receive a letter from you there, as well as Rotterdam. I have had full leisure since my stay in Paris to sow all the letters of intro- duction which 1 brought from England to French people. I have not heard of Prvost since he went into the country, so I suppose his wife would not give him leave of absence. I therefore went 011 Wednesday alone, for a plea- sant excursion of …

Life, Letters, and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell, Bart (Volume I) - Page 74


52 SIR CHARLES LYELL. CHAP. II. of the animal. The beasts are then pulled into the sea, into which both men and women walk with as much unconcern as if they were by nature amphibious. The fore-legs of the animal are first lifted up by one person on each side, and then the hind. We saw one lassie seize hold of the tail, and help to lift him in that way. About half-past nine, after having paid an enormous bill for our bad entertainment, we set off in our Aros boat, determining to get back to Oban by passing along the south of Mull. The immense multitude of small granite rocks which we passed through was very entertaining. This south-west end of Mull is a coast of red granite, and in McLeods Bay it takes a decided columnar shape, the pillars being four-sided, whereas most of those at Staffa which we examined were pentagonal, none square. There is a large creek in this bay, with the pillars on each side about 150 feet high, and broken into regular steps like the basalt. Between these two cliffs, which face one another, and are only divided by a large rent two or three feet wide, a large rocky mass is supported. We sailed on with a good breeze, the granite structure in the coast still continuing. The small islands were like so many Buachailles, the coast like so many churchyards, pillars standing up with their square sides, like tombs. The last point to which this reached, they called Ardtornish, about four miles from McLeods Bay. CORRESPONDENCE. To Charles …

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Larry Leslie Lyell is a member of the Lyell Family.

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