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John Howard Copp

18 Jul 1818 Sharon, Litchfield, CT

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John Howard Copp's Family Relations

Samuel Copp
28 Apr 1787 – 8 Jun 1865
Phebe Pheale
17 Oct 1795 –

Phebe Copp
9 Nov 1813 – 8 Feb 1837
Samuel Copp
16 Feb 1816 –
Mary Elizabeth Copp
12 Mar 1821 –
David Henry Copp
10 Oct 1823 –

Louise Barnes
1819 –
September 10, 1839

July 3, 1855

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Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 by Col. Elbridge J. Copp - Page 7


REMINISCENCES OF THE War of the Rebellion 861-1865 BY COL. ELBRIDGE J. COPP The youngest Commissioned Officer in the Union Army who rose from the ranks PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR PRINTED BY THE TELEGRAPH PUBLISHING COMPANY NASHUA, N. H.

Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 by Col. Elbridge J. Copp (Volume 2) - Page 191


BATTLE OF POCOTALIGO. ment left New Hampshire it went through the terrible Battle of Antietam. Lieut. C. D. Copp, by meritorious service and dis- tinguished bravery, rose to the rank of captain, and had he been more aggressive his brilliant service through- out the war would have car- ried him to a much higher rank. For nearly four years he was in the 9th army corps which has a record in history for its long marches and hard fought battles. Captain Copp was awarded a medal of honor by the U. S. con- gress for distinguished brav- ery at the Battle of Fred- ericksburg-, where, when the line was broken, the enemy coming down upon them, the color bearer having been shot down, he seized the flag calling upon his men to rally, and they did rally ; forming a nucleus for nearly the whole regiment, and pouring volley after volley into the ranks of the enemy, checking for a time their advance. Captain Copp was in command of the color company, this being the company to which the color guard is attached, and the most exposed position in the whole regiment, the enemy usually concentrating their fire upon the flags; and what is more astounding, he escaped the shot and shell and bullets of the enemy, coming home without a scratch. Letters from those in active service in the armies in Virginia and reading from the newspapers which reached

Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865 by Col. Elbridge J. Copp (Volume 1) - Page 315


LEAVE OF ABSENCE AND TRIP TO FLORIDA work of laying the floor of the tent and building the frame in a very workmanlike manner. I suppose the old gentle- man, for he was really old to me at that time, being about forty or more years of age, knowing me at home as a boy, and not having been in the service long enough to recog- nize the great difference between civil and military life, rather resented the order. All official business of the regiment passes through the adjutants office; all orders given by the colonel com- manding are put in writing and promulgated by the ad- jutant; copies of the same kept for the files, and are also recorded. I had in my office an office desk, not a roll top desk, for this was a thing unknown at that time and would have been much too cumbersome to transportmy desk, was little more than a box, with pigeon holes. This with several camp chairs was carried along through our whole service. I had for assistants at my tent the sergeant- major, a clerk and an orderly, frequently I would detail a drummer boy to act as orderly. One of the boys I re- member as especially bright, prompt and soldierlywe called him Spider for short; I do not recall his name, I think it was Gracie. Many years after the war, probably twenty to twenty- five, I was in Boston and in the lobby of the Parker House, when a well dressed, fine appearing man ap- proached me, asking if my name was not CoppAd- …

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