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Mary Irene Welch


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Mary Irene Welch's Family Relations


Emma Eileen Rogers
13 Jun 1928 – 3 Dec 1986

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Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot) (1915-1918, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria) (Volume 4) - Page 46


22 RECORDS OF THE ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS July Each officer is to take a bundle to carry himself, containing waterproof sheet, blanket, and toilet things. He may also take his valise, with 35 lb. in it, but he will probably not see it again. Letters are going to be very severely censored. Everyone remained on the ship until the 15th, when : A really most damnable day ! We started disembarking at 8, so I got up at 6 and breakfasted at 7. Finally got off at about 9. The heat was intense, and much the hottest we have had. We had a very dusty i^-mile walk uphill to a bivouac, where we sat until 3, with not a scrap of shade. The water in our bottles was hot. At 12 we suddenly heard we were to go to Gallipoli to-day. Every- thing had been arranged for a stay of some three days, and it was just like the Staff to upset us. We left our bivouacs at 3, and went to the quay, where we waited in the stifling heat for over three hours while everything was put on board. To add insult to injury, only 500 were provided accommodation, and we were 770, so they got an extra boat, H.M.S. Partridge, to take the odd 270, and luckily I was with these. We had no squash on board, and they did us simply splendidlygave us drinks, and at 9 a cold supper with the best cocoa I have ever tasted. . . . The Partridge was …

Regimental Records of the Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot) (1915-1918, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria) (Volume 4) - Page 150


116 RECORDS OF THE ROYAL WELCH FUSILIERS Aug. Sir Archibald Murray was quite prepared for the Turkish attack, and had rightly anticipated that it would be launched against the right of our Romani position. He had, echeloned to his right rear, the New Zealand Mounted Rifle Brigade at Dueidar and Hill 70, and at Hill 40 the 1st Dismounted Yeomanry Brigade. At Romani the line ran : 155th Brigade, 158th Brigade (less our 5th Battalion), and the 157th Brigade ; our 5th Battalion and the 156th Brigade were held in reserve at Romani Station. The Turks, under Kress, came on slowly, preparing, as they advanced, successive lines of defence. Australian Mounted troops kept in touch with them. Sir Archibald Murrays plan was to make as stout a resistance as possible about a mound called Katib Gannit, and to this end two brigades, the 1 st and 2nd Light Horse Brigades, under General Chauvel, had recon- noitred a position between Katib Gannit and Hod el Enna, on the edge of a tumbled area of sand-dunes that cropped up suddenly across the flat desert. When the enemy was committed against this position, he was to be attacked in flank from Dueidar and the Canal Defences, while a mobile column swung wide round his flank to take him in …

Ancestry and kin of the Cowden and Welch families - Page 333


25, 000 men. Secures a hogs jaw which is divided with eleven men. Reach supplies that night and are out of dan- ger. March to Charleston, board boats. Has charge of 900 dismounted men upon the return north. In October. 1S64, he is sick with fever and chills and is two weeks in hospital. This, the third time disabled by sickness. Obtains two weeks furlough the first of November. Goes home and is married Nov. 10th to Mollie Cowden. Mrs. Welch spends nine weeks in camp at Romney and New Creek, during- Jan., Feb. and March, 1S65. Receives commission as 1st lieuten- ant, dated Feb. 25th, 1865 . Tuesday, May 30th, 1S65. Narrowly escaped with his life. Was on an engine when a fearful collision occured; just leaped in time to avoid being crushed. June 2nd, 1865 . Was honorably discharged and mus- tered out of the service, the war being over. Returning home he established his family at Canonsburg and upon receiving his pay and set- tling all debts he had about $1, 500. Completing his ministerial training he was settled over the congre- gation of North Buffalo and died at Taylorstown, Pa., where he had removed upon assuming the pas- torate. Throughout his life he was guided by the highest ideals …

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Mary Irene Welch is a member of the Welch Family.

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