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Joseph Harris Ballard

6 Dec 1820 , Marion County, Indiana, United States

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Joseph Harris Ballard's Family Relations

John Ballard
1793 – 14 Apr 1846
Catherine Mendenhall
1801 – 1890

David Wesley Ballard
21 Feb 1824 – 18 Sep 1883
Amos Ballard
17 Nov 1822 – 1823
Jane Amelia Ballard
1828 – 1901
Eliza Ballard
1825 –
Mary Eveline Ballard
30 Jul 1830 – 1888
Martin Dickerson Ballard
7 Oct 1832 – 1907
Dayton Hendricks Ballard
20 Mar 1835 – 15 Feb 1910
Indiana Ballard
1840 – 1849
Ellen Ballard
25 Apr 1843 –

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The History of Augusta; First Settlements and Early Days as a Town, Including the Diary of Mrs. Martha Moore Ballard, 1785 to 1812 - Page 480


464 HISTORY OF AUGUSTA. April 3. Asa Pierce came here about midnight for me to go to Jery Tolnians, but I did not go. 4. I was called at lh. this morn by Mr. Cleark to see his wife in labor. I rode on horse back without a pillow, felt very much fatigued. The patient was safe delivered at 3h. p. m. of her 5th son. C. Mr. Johnston cnme with a shais for my husband to go and attend town meeting he went and tarried all night at Capt. Pitts*. 12. Lafaett sett out to go to meeting, found the mill brook bridge upset by the ice, men at work to secure it. 15. I have been very unwell. 16. We removed from son Jonathans to our own house. Hannah came and helpt me some hours for which favor I feel grateful. I went to Foys set out at 9h. even. 17. I was at Foys. Sally was delivered at lh. this morn, of a son which weighed 10 lbs. John Foys daughter aud only child expired 15th inst. 19. I have felt very feeble. Mrs. Stone came in to see me. She brot wood to the door. She informed me that Wm. Brooks* wife fell from the scaffold of her fathers barn yesterday and hurt her so her life is not expected. Nancy Smith here, says she is not any better. I was called …

The History of Augusta; First Settlements and Early Days as a Town, Including the Diary of Mrs. Martha Moore Ballard, 1785 to 1812 - Page 381


MBS. BALLARDS DIART. 365 1797. July 9. Was called at 3h. p. in., to see the wife of Capt. William Springer, who is in labour. She was safe delivered of a very fine daughter at lOh. evening. 10. I called at Shubal Hinkleys for what he owed me for assisting his wife with her last child. The hors I was on ran into the ahead and throwed me of, breaking ray specktakles and allmost my limbs. 1 feel the efects of my fall very much. Have not been able to sett up very much. Old Lady Cony here. 11. Mr. Ballard sett out for Wiscassett to attend coart as a witness. I have felt more comfortable than I did yesterday. 12. Mr. Ballard returned from the Point. Mrs. Carters infant expired. 13. Mr. Carters infant was intered this afternoon. 15. I was called to see the wife of Mr. Eads, who was in labour, and was safe delivered of a fine son, between the hours of 4 and 5. 16. Sunday. My family all attended worship at the Port, forenoon, except myself. I was there afternoon. A gentleman by the name of Stone per formed. 19. I have made a new milk cheese changed milk with Mrs. Joy. I had my puter can 28 times full in my cheese. 21. Rev. Mr. Stone took tea with us. 22. Allen Lambart is …

The History of Augusta; First Settlements and Early Days as a Town, Including the Diary of Mrs. Martha Moore Ballard, 1785 to 1812 - Page 433


MRS- b a l l a r d s d i a r t . 417 1808. December 1. It is our yearly Thanksgiving. We roasted a goose; boiled beef, pork and fowls for dinner. 2. Mr. Mathews here at evening for pills for Lydna Getchell; shee is very ill, he says. P. Bollin was joined in wedlock yesterday with Mrs. Thurston. 4. Sunday. Mr. Ballard, Cyrus and Ephraim attended worship at Mr. Stone's meeting. 5. Mr. Ballard workt at the shop till afternoon, when he came in ; is not very well. 8. Mr. Ballard been surveying a road from Sydna South line to Samuel Uovys. 19. This is the anniversary of my marriage. I have lived in the marriage state 49 years. 20. Birth of Whitons daughter. 21. I was called at llh. last night to go and see a Mrs. Whltton at Hallo- well ; find the patient delivered of her child, a daughter, her 5th child and 2nd by her present husband; she was not flilly delivered; I performed what was remaining to be done, and pat her to bed safe. I called at the Revd Mr. Stones and warmed. 24. Son Lambard brot his sister Capin here, forenoon; was called by Frances Towl to go and see his wife, at dusk; arrived at son Pollards, where they reside, at 6 evening; shee was delivered at 8 of …

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Joseph Harris Ballard is a member of the Ballard Family.

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