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Buck Bounds 1

1 Jan 1873 , , Texas, United States 2
24 Jul 1954
El Paso, El Paso, Texas, United States

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Buck Bounds's Family Relations

Obadiah Bounds
30 Jan 1830 – 20 Jun 1911
Parthenia Hecklin
8 Aug 1839 – 8 Jun 1913

James Bounds
1855 –
Ed Bounds
1857 –
A. Bounds
1859 –
Mary Bounds
1865 –
Fanni Bounds
1867 –
Maud Bounds
1869 –
Obidiah Bounds
1871 –
Fred Bounds
Jan 1880 –

Eva Wagenfehr
12 Jan 1883 – 29 Sep 1969

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Early Methodism Within the Bounds of the Old Genesee Conference From 1788 to 1828 : or, the First Forty Years of Wesleyan Evangelism in Northern Pennsylvania, Central and Western New York, and Canada. Containing Sketches of Interesting Localities, Exciting Scenes, and Prominent Actors - Page 49


TIOGA CIKUUIT. 39 In 1792 the name of John Hill stands connected with Tioga. No circuit having distinct bounds had as yet been formed there. Tioga was a mission of indefinite .extent, designed to embrace the new settlements from Wyalusing north and west wherever they might be found nestled in the dense and lofty forests. It is not certain that Hill entered this new field during the year, but it was entered and cultivated by another, wrho made for himself a history as a pioneer preacher. This was William Colbert. In the Minutes Mr. Colbert stands con- nected this year with Northumberland circuit; but fortun- ately he has left a diary, which contains a record of his travels and labors during his life, and we have been so for- tunate as to obtain it. For this favor we are indebted to Miss Elizabeth Colbert, his daughter, who is its owner, and keeps it as a sacred relic. We shall find Mr. Colbert at the General Conference of 1792 in the city of Baltimore, and then shall follow him to the wilds of Tioga. Thursday, Nov. 1. General Conference of the bishops, elders, and deacons of the M. E. Church met in Baltimore. The rules of the house were drawn up to-day, and few debates about them. * Friday, 2. It was …

Early Land Grants and Town Bounds of the Old Town of Reading, Massachusetts From 1639 to 1802 - Page 271


132 Sale of the Jon Pole Way Continued We the subscribers being a committee to S6ll what oar. be spared of the ten rod or ton pole way at eaoh end of th6 lots in the North Parish we fieport as followeth; We have sold to Mr Joneph Burnap the six poles against his lot for 27 pounds Old Tenor; Sold to T.'r William Upton all at the Horth end of his lot for two pounds twelve shillings lawfull money; Sold to Mr Joseph Holt the si* pol6S at the North end of his lot for eight pounds lawfull money; Gold to Mr William Sawyer what oan b6 spared of the ten poles that he hath within his feno6 ut>on the North of th6 Hoad at the South end of his lot and Also a pieoe upon th6 South of the road against his Barn as for as his Mea- dow bounds reserving a three pole way, old it for fifty pounds Old Tenor, said fifty pounds to be voted to the North Parish to purohase the aore already voted and as muoh mor6 as the said fifty pounds Old …

Early Land Grants and Town Bounds of the Old Town of Reading, Massachusetts From 1639 to 1802 - Page 193


Perombiilot loo between Boston & Heading Pursuant to fin ordor mode and passed at o eetinc of the Selectmen oi Bop ton the fifth of Aftril 1730 in obedience to an Act of the Groat and General Court ot Assembly mode and pasped in the? fourth year of ling William end ^ueon Uary entitled on act for Reg- ulating of Townships eto directing that the bounds of all Tow phips shall bo run betwixt Town and Tow and marks renewed onoe in throe years by two of the Selectmen of each Town or any other two perpons* wlioni the Selectmen shall appoint, iVe the subscribers ''via" Caleb Lyman, Jonap Clarke and Thomas Hutchinson Jr with Willienc Hasey and Jacob Harey appointed s committee by the Selectmen of Boston, met with the committee appoin- { ted by the Selectmen of Reading "viz" Lbenozer Parker and Thomas itfich- j oIp* at a heap of stones on Tear Breach till eo called on Monday the , Seventeenth day of April Anno Domini one Thousand seven hundred ard Thirty eight; and after we had sftmvn each other our respective orders for running tho line and renewing the …

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Buck Bounds is a member of the Bounds Family.

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