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Rachel Ann Robertson

1848 3 4
1937 5 6

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Rachel Ann Robertson's Family Relations

Zimri Pearson
1839 – 1930
May 1, 1864
Preble, Ohio, United States

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Life, Letters, Lectures, and Addresses of Fredk. W. Robertson, M. A. - Page 199


Rev. Frederick W. Robertson. 191 A lady called to-day, and when she came into the drawing-room she put her hand on Channings Memoirs. I am sorry to see you read this bouk, Mr. Robertson. I replied, Dr. Channing was one of the highest of his species. For a minister to refuse to read such a book would be miserable. I am not so sensitively afraid of error as that. I throw myself on the Father of Lights, read all, and trust that He will answer a desire for light. An im- moral book I refuse to read, but a book containing merely false doctrine, or what is supposed to be false, I dare not refuse to read; or else I could not, with any consistency, ask a Roman Catholic to read my book of Protestant heresy. But Dr. Channing could not be a good man, because he did not believe in Christ. Pardon me, he didhe loved Christ. I wish I adored Him half as much as Dr. Channing did! But he denied that he adored Him. I can not help that. If the lowliest reverence, and the most en- thusiastic love, constitute adoration, Dr. Channing worshipped Christ. I care not what a man says. His homage was more adoring than that of nine out of …

The Life of William Robertson Smith - Page 236


190 WILLIAM ROBERTSON SMITH [1875- then was. He was recognised as a sincere and fervent Evangelical, and his Life of Robertson of Ellon had touched many hearts. Such an appeal from such a man was irresistible. In many minds it awakened a sincere concern for the best interests of the faith. In many more it wounded susceptibilities, always sensitive to the taunts of another and a rival communion. The Free Church was repre- sented as permitting one of her responsible teachers under the guise of advanced scholarship to retail a bundle of familiar and exploded speculations borrowed, if not stolen, from the continent, and thereby imperilling the fundamental doctrines of Christianity and bringing dis- credit on the theological professoriate of Scotland. The C our ant article1 appeared, as we have seen, on April 15, and a month later the Robertson Smith case had begun. Dr. Begg, whose intervention in any controversy was ominous of misfortunes for the Church, appeared as the stormy petrel of a new tempest; and about the middle of May Smith learned that he had given notice to the College Committee of his intention to bring the article Bible to the notice of the Assembly. This news came through Principal Douglas, Smiths colleague …

The Life of William Robertson Smith - Page 438


390 WILLIAM ROBERTSON SMITH [1880 discussion unconnected with theology, and the contribution which he made to it has more than a passing interest. His old teacher, Professor Bain, had just retired from the Chair of Logic and English Literature in the University, and was a candidate for the vacant office of Assessor to the Lord Rector, 1 which is filled by the election of members of the General Council of Graduates. Professor Bain was opposed by Smiths friend, Mr. J. F. White, a man who, as we have already seen, was not only widely and deservedly popular, but possessed many qualifications and accomplishments which specially fitted him for the position to which he aspired. The question of what are locally known as options in other words, of the reform of the curriculum in Artswas then as now agitating the academic world, and Professor Bain was known as an advocate of the abolition of compulsory Greek. This was in itself enough to alienate the support of the more conservative of his colleagues ; but behind this administrative divergence, in itself of great conse- quence, there lay a more profound theoretical question. Dr. Bain, in the course of the speculations which made him famous, had applied his severe analytical methods to the question of education, and had produced2 a characteristic system which, if carried out in practice, would have produced much more revolutionary changes in existing arrangements than were implied in allowing students a …

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Rachel Ann Robertson is a member of the Robertson Family.

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