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Kate Darley 1

1889 Kinson, Dorset, England 2

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Kate Darley's Family Relations

Mary Ann Ballett
2 Oct 1864 –

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William Frederick Darley and Jemina Brown Thirkell : Their Ancestors and Their Descendants - Page 460


Sara Bailey Darley Bom 30 Nov. 1910 William Frederick Dunn Darley ................. Born 6 Nov. 1832 Died 19 Jun. 1899 Jemima Brown Thirkell Bom 11 Nov. 1841 Died 9 Jul. 1916 Thomas Thirkell Darley Born6 Apr. I860 Died 19 Jul. 1940 (Selena Bailey) .... Bom 16 Jan. 1871 Died 18 Apr. 1934 (Elmer Joseph Bowen) Born 26 Mar. 1904 Died 18 May 1952 Aileen B. Darley .... Born 25 Dec. 1912 (William Lowell Brown) Born 23 Jan. 1910 T ' (454)

William Frederick Darley and Jemina Brown Thirkell : Their Ancestors and Their Descendants - Page 157


born on the fourteen th of March, 1953 ; David Lewis, born on the eigh th of September, 1955 ; Suzanne, born on the fifth of Septem- ber, 1956, all at Ogden, Utah. Kevin Arnold, born the four th of February, 1958 , and Timothy Darrell was born on the twenty- thi rd of December, 1959 ; Shari Dianne, born September ninth, 1964 in Tulsa. Terrence is now on a mission in Brazil, and Dennis is now counselor in the ward Sunday School in Tulsa. Glenns family all make their home at Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he is an advertising salesman with headquarters at Tulsa but serving several southern states. THOMAS DARLEY HARPER, fourth son of Renaldo Earl Har- per and Mary Eckersell Darley, was born on the fir st of August, 1925 , at Wilson Lane, Ogden, Utah. He attended school in South …

William Frederick Darley and Jemina Brown Thirkell : Their Ancestors and Their Descendants - Page 33


blocks surrounding the Public Square were divided into eight lots each; on these the families built their homes. The resulting right angle streets were six rods wide. The people received no deeds to their property until the city was incorporated in January 1866 . The first town meeting was held on the twenty-thi rd of March, 1866 , in which the following officers were elected: William H. Maughan, Mayor; Francis Gunnell, Treasurer; Robert Baxter, Assessor and Collector; Thomas Leavitt, Captain of Police; and Robert Murray, Street Supervisor. At this meeting a City Coun- cil was also named. By 1865 they had outgrown the meeting house that had been built in 1860; so, when the spring farming was completed, a new Wellsville Meeting House church building was started and by the end of the year it was completed. This building was fifty by twenty-four feet, making a good auditorium. However additions were made as the city grew. During the years 1902 to 1908 another building, the Taber- nacle, was erected; the old Meeting House became the Opera House. At the time the meeting house was being built, William Frederick Darley …

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About Kate Darley

Kate Darley is a member of the Darley Family.

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