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Obed Edwards


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Obed Edwards's Family Relations

Lewis B Edwards
1758 –

Nancy Edwards
1790 –

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The Works of President Edwards: With a Memoir of His Life (Volume I) - Page 316


312 LIFE OF PRESIDENT EDWARDS. nection of the point, in which most of ministers and churches in the coun- ty differed from him, with the matter to be judged of, he did notthink they could be reasonably looked upon so impartial judges, as that the matter ought to be wholly left to them. Besides, he thought that the case, being so new and extraordinary, required the ablest judges in the land. For these, and some other reasons, which he offered, he insisted upon liberty to go out of the county, for those members of the proposed council in which he was to have a choice. In this, the people strenuously and obstinately opposed him. At length they agreed to leave the matter to a council consisting of the ministers and messengers of the five neighbouring churches; who, after they had met twice upon it, and had the case largely debated before them, were equally divided, and therefore left the matter un- determined. However, they were all agreed, that Mr. Edwards ought to have liberty to go out of the county for some of the council. And at the next church meeting, which was on the 26th of March, Mr. Ed- wards offered to join with them in calling a council, if they would con- sent that he should choose two of the churches out of the county, in case the council consisted of but ten churches. The church how- ever refused to comply with this, at one meeting after another re- peatedly; and proceeded to warn a church meeting and choose a moderator, in order to act without their pastor. But, …

History of the English Settlement in Edwards County, Illinois - Page 246


V 228 ENGLISH SETTLEMENT IN EDWARDS COUNTY. To the Editor of the Shawneetown Gazette: Sir:I beg leave to submit to you and the other gentlemen of the legal profession at Shawneetown the following queries, arising from facts, which I shall premise. The property of the soil of this State, being vested in the General Government, offices were opened for the sale of land, and certain rights and immunities granted to purchasers. Query i.May not such purchasers require of the United States protection and support in the enjoyment of those rights and immunities? When they attained the number of sixty thousand, or at an earlier period with the consent of Congress, they had a right to form a govern- ment under certain definitions and provisions, viz.: that it should be a republic; that it should have no hereditary nobility, no church establishment; and no slavery, except as a punishment for crimes. Q. 2.If the majority had prefered a monarchy, would not the United States have upheld the minority in its right to form a republic? Q. j.If the majority had attempted to create heredi- tary rank, or an established church, would not the United States have supported the minority in their rejection of those usurpations? Q. j..If the majority had attempted to introduce slavery, would not the United States have been bound to enable the minority effectually to resist it? There was, however, no need of the interposition of Congress in regard …

The Works of President Edwards: With a Memoir of His Life (Volume I) - Page 515


LIEE OF PRESIDENT EDWARDS. 511 cess, they voted to empower Mr. Bellamy, Mr. Hopkins, of Shef- field, and myself, to procure a suitable person, if we can find such an one, in New-England, for the present, to come and live at Stockbridge, to be here learning the Mohawk language with Mr. Hawley, our school-master for the Mohawks, to fit him for the mission. Persons proper to be employed, and such as may be ob^ tained, are very scarce; and tis doubtful whether we shall be able to obtain one. There is a very dark cloud, that at present attends the affair, re- lating to the Indians at Stockbridge, occasioned very much by one of the Agents for the Province, (who lives at Stockbridge, ) pur- suing measures, very contrary to the measures of the Commission- ers of the Society in London. The opposition is maintained, not with a small degree of stiffness and resolution; and the contest is become so great, that it has brought things into very great confusion. This gentleman is a man of some note; and his wifes relations earnestly engage with him, and many of them are persons of con- siderable figure in the country. The Commissioners all very much dislike his conduct. This contest occasions no misunder- standings among the people in Stockbridge, in general: all, ex- cepting those nearly related to the family, both English and Indi- ans, are happily united to me and my family. It would be very tedious …

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Obed Edwards is a member of the Edwards Family.

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