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Thirza JOHNSON's Family Relations

23 Jan 1777 – Nov 1852
New Canaan, , New York, United States

William J. LATHROP
20 Dec 1801 – Feb 1867
1807 –
1808 –
Samantha LATHROP
1812 –
1815 –
1818 –
1825 –

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English Men of Letters: Bunyan, Johnson, Bacon - Page 6


UnW. Ubro-7. UC c>', r'*a ^ruZ ENGLISH MEN OF LETTERS. Edited by John Morley. portrait JEDttion. I. IV. VII. X. Milton. Brntijy. SOOTT. COLKItlDGK. Giuuon. COWPRR. Diokrns. Wordsworth. Surllry. Landob. Sprnsrb. Burns. II. y. VIII. XI. SOUTQKY. Bubkr. Strrnx. Lockr. Byeon. Macaulay. Swift. Goldsmith. Dkfok. Fielding. Humr. Gray. III. VI. IX. XII. Drydrn. Bdn y an. Ciiavorr. Thaokrray. Pope Johnson. Lamb. Addison. Sidney. Baoon. Dr Quinory. Shbbidan. xiii. Kkato. Hawthorne. Carlylb. Copyright, 1894, by Harper & Brothers.

The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson, Bart. (Volume II) - Page 415


APPENDIX. 398 4th, As provisions are very difficult to be brought to such a distanc, you will e that the commissary takes all possible care, and serves out first, those likely to spoil. 5th, As it is expected that the Indians in the neighborhood, formerly in th French interest, will now, at least in appearance, be our friends, you will receive them with civility; give them provi- sions, and assure them that traders will soon arrive to buy their skins more to their advantage than ever the French did. If the Indians should come in large bodies, you will not admit above twenty to come within the fort at a time. Two interpreters are left here under your orders, who you will take care to see civilly treated. 6th, As you being in possession of this place, greatly distresses the enemy, and is of great importance to his majestys interest, you will take care that the service is performed with the greatest strict- ness, as possibly some attempt maybe made. Whatever extraordi- naries may happen, you will send immediate notice of it, directed to the care of the officer commanding at Oswego, with leave to open the letter if you think necessary. WM. JOHNSON. Orders for Mr. Dimpler. You are to stay at Niagara under the orders of Lieut. Col* Farquhar. You will, with all possible dilligence, repair the fortifications in the best manner; build a battery for two eighteen pounders on the water side as directed. After which, all the buildings and barracks are to be put in good condition for the winter. After a strict examination, you will send a list of …

Life of Johnson: Including Boswells Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides and Johnsons Diary of a Tour Into North Wales, 1709-1765 (Volume 1) - Page 515


476 Oliver Goldsmitk. ' [ a . d .17M l which will always be continued while the present system of nature shall subsist: nor can history or poetry exhibit more than pleasure triumphing over virtue, and virtue subjugating pleasure/ As Dr. Oliver Goldsmith will frequently appear in this narrative, I shall endeavour to make my readers in some degree acquainted with his singular character. He was a native of Ireland, and a contemporary with Mr. Burke at Trinity College, Dublin, but did not then give much promise of future celebrity1. He, however, observed to Mr. Malone, that though he made no great figure in mathematicks", which was a study in much repute there, he could turn an Ode of Horace into English better than any of them / He afterwards studied physick at Edinburgh, and upon the Con tinent ; and I have been informed, was enabled to pursue his travels on foot", partly by demanding at Universities to enter the lists as a disputant, by which, according to the custom of many of them, he was entitled to the premium of a crown, when luckily for him his challenge was not accept ed; so that, as I once observed to Dr. Johnson, he disputed his passage through Europe4. He then came to England, and was employed successively in the capacities of an usher to …

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