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Francis Marion CALDWELL

10 Jun 1836 , Vermillion County, Indiana, United States
Vermillion, Vermillion County, Indiana, United States

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Francis Marion CALDWELL's Family Relations

– 1836

– 31 Dec 1879
November 22, 1857
, Vermillion County, Indiana, United States

Joseph Bruce CALDWELL
20 Sep 1858 –
Otis Alidin CALDWELL
19 Feb 1861 – 6 Jul 1893
18 Nov 1862 –
Calvin Carlyle CALDWELL
13 Jul 1867 – 13 Mar 1899
10 Feb 1869 – 28 Feb 1954
Malinda May CALDWELL
4 Mar 1871 – 5 Jan 1889
William Elbert CALDWELL
2 Jan 1873 – 12 Sep 1875
James Franklin CALDWELL
19 Aug 1875 – May 1946

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Caldwell Records : John and Sarah (Dillingham) Caldwell, Ipswich, Mass., and Their Descendants - Page 23


Caldwell Records. It is ordered by the Genrall Corte that this returne (concerning the estate and will of John Dillingham, deceased) made by Mr Nowell and Ml- Hibbens (as commissioners in that behalfe) may be entered by the Secretary and remaine upon record, and (in regard of such occasions as during the absence of the said Richard in England may arise) that the will of John Dillingham, and the will of Sarah his wife, wth the inven- tory, shall be kept by Mr Nowell and Mr Hibbens that the said Richrd may be discharged therefor. 4 November, 1616 . Upon Mr. Wardes petition about ye tenn pound demanded by him, ye business is referred to Mr Bellingham and Mr Audito'r Genr who are appointed a comittee to heare and end ye difference betweene Mr Ward and Mr. Saltonstall, executor of Mr Dillingham. In 1646 the last mention is made of the estate of John Dillingham in Court Records. The orphan Sarah was then twelve years of age. Eight years later we And hep the wife of John Caldwell, and in a home of her own. Her …

Annual Minutes of the Caldwell Baptist Association (1976-1980) - Page 442


96 CALDWELL MISSIONARY BAPTIST ASSOCIATION care needs of people. A 38 bed rehabilitation unit has opened to offer short term ser- vices and family instructions to the disabled. This new unit ministers to patients with strokes, arthritis, burns, long term casts, joint re- placement surgery, brain tumors, spinal cord injuries, hand injuries and some cardiac problems. A new six bed unit for burns is scheduled to open soon. An automatic clinical analyzer, the first of its kind in the state, has been acquired and put into operation. Another new ministry is a program of home visitation for chil- dren with cancer and their families. A team of physicians, nurses, a psychologist and chaplains minister to these families. Baptist Hospital has a wonderful chaplaincy ministry to all pa- tients. The Hospital expresses its sincere appreciation to every church in the Caldwell Baptist Association for their support of the hospital. LET US ALL GIVE GENEROUSLY TO OUR BAPTIST HOS- PITAL THROUGH OUR NORTH CAROLINA MISSIONS OFFER- ING. Many Baptists have shared in the healing ministry that our Hos- pital offers. Pray for our Doctors and Nurses and the people who work in this caring ministry. July 1978 through May 1979 12 churches had shared $2, 645.32 for our Baptist Hospital. From our Church Letters …

Autobiography of Charles Caldwell, M.D. - Page 288


CHARLES CALDWELL, M. D. 285 1819, "when I migrated by invitation to the State of Kentucky, I prepared and pronounced a very large proportion of the public orations, whether literary or scientific, eulogistic or political, that were delivered by appointment and published in the city of Phila- delphia. Of these productions I carelessly neglected to make any collection, and let them fly from me like the leaves from the mouth of Sybils cavc, until most of them are lost, and many of them forgotten. I have a few of them bound up in two or three volumes; but the rest are scattered by my own improvidence, never to be regained. And I have, through like heedlessness, lost many other compositions which I now regret., To preserve what he writes and publishes is a duty every author owes to Kimself, and should faithfully discharge. My addresses that I have delivered and published in the West, will be noticed in a subsequent part of this narrative. Could the enumeration be accurately made, it would not sur- prise me should it appear that, since the year 1798 or 99, 1 have delivered, by appointment, a greater number of public addresses, which afterward by request appeared in print, than any other man in the United States. And one of them (that on Quaran- tines*) was prepared at no common share of trouble, labor, and consumption of time. As regular quarantines had their begin- ning in Italy, I first acquired my knowledge of the Italian lan- guage to qualify myself to read the original treatises on them which had not been translated. …

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Francis Marion CALDWELL is a member of the CALDWELL Family.

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