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Robert Barham

1679 Southwarke Parish, Surry, Virginia
14 Aug 1740 Southampton County, Virginia

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Robert Barham's Family Relations

Charles Barham
1626 – 1 Jan 1682
Elizabeth Ridley
1628 – 3 Jul 1694

Charles Barham
1673 –

Elizabeth Clark
1680 – 1760
Surry County, Virginia

John Barham
1702 –
Elizabeth Barham
1704 – 1770
Charles Barham
1706 – 9 Jun 1791
Robert Barham
1708 –
Mary Barham
1710 –
Benjamin Barham
1711 –
Martha Barham
1712 –
Sarah Barham
1717 –
Thomas Barham
15 Dec 1717 – 16 Sep 1784

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The Life and Letters of the Rev. Richard Harris Barham, Author of the Ingoldsby Legends: With a ... (Volume I) - Page 113


g6 LIFE OF THE REV. R. H BARHAM carp, tench, eels, &c., were taken in the course of the operation. The Doctor was at dinner with some friends who had been viewing the work, when a servant came in to inform him that in draining off the water the men had found a chalybeate, Have they indeed? cried he with much interest, I am very glad to hear it. Tell them to put it along with the other fish for the present. 1827. May 18.Harry Sandford (of the Treasury), Cannon, Tom Hill, Sir Andrew Barnard, and myself, went up to Twickenham by the steamboat. On the way we talked all sorts of nonsense, and laughed at everything, and everybody. A queer-looking old gentleman served especially to amuse Sandford, who took a delight in quizzing him. What is this bridge were coming to ? asked the old gentleman of the skipper. 4 Kew, Sir, returned the man. How dare you insult a respectable individual, cried Sandford, by insinuating that he is a Kew corner? 4 One of the company asserting that he had seen a pike caught, which weighed thirty-six pounds, and was four feet in length. Had it been a sole, said Harry, it would …

The Life and Letters of the Rev. Richard Harris Barham, Author of the Ingoldsby Legends: With a ... (Volume I) - Page 268


VLETTER TO MRS. HUGHES. him to attempt to silence it. Let us hope he will be spared the additional affliction which you appear to anticipate.1 I should be the most ungrateful of beings if I did not sympathise with one to whom I am indebted for more comfort and resignation under calamity than to any other source save one. Of news, public or private, I have little to tell you. You have, of course, heard of Tom Duncombes absurd challenge to Fraser, for quizzing his liaison with Madame Vestris ; if not, the enclosed doggrel will make you au fait of the facts. * The affliction alluded to was the insanity of Mrs. Southey. In a letter dated October 1834 , Southey thus writes on the subject to his friend Mr. Henry Taylor: Mine is a strong heart. I will not say that the last week has been the most trying in my life, but I will say that the heart which could bear it could bear anything. It is remarkable, that the very last thing I wrote before this affliction burst upon me in its full force was upon Resignation, little foreseeing, God knows, how soon and how severely my own principles were to be put to the proof. The occasion was this:Mrs. Hughes thought it would gratify me to peruse a letter which she had just received from one of her friends, a clergyman [Mr. Barham], who had recently suffered some domestic affliction. He said that his …

The Life and Letters of the Rev. Richard Harris Barham, Author of the Ingoldsby Legends: With a ... (Volume I) - Page 67


50 LIFE OF THE REV, R. H. BARHAM 4 44 He may say what he likes, but he shall never per- suade me that they ever dug up ready-made pots out of the ground! 9 DiaryJune i.Anecdote of Lord Chancellor Eldon narrated to me by Dr. Blomberg, 6 The Chancellor is very fond of shooting, and usually retires into the country for six weeks towards the end of the season, where he is in the habit of riding a little Welsh pony, for which he gave fifty shillings. One morning last year his lordship intending to enjoy a few hours sport after a rainy night, ordered 44 Bob, the pony, to be saddled. Lady Eldon told him he could not have it, but company being in the room gave no reason. In a few minutes, however, the servant opened the door and announced that44 Bob was ready. 6 44 Why, bless me I cried her ladyship, 44 you cant ride him, Lord Eldon, he has got no shoes on. 4 46 Oh yes! my lady, said the servant, 44 he was shod last week. 4 44 Shameful! exclaimed her ladyship, 44 how dared you, sir, or anybody, have that pony shod without orders? 44 John, continued she, addressing her husband, 44 you know you only rode him out shooting four times last year, so I had …

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About Robert Barham

Robert Barham is a member of the Barham Family.

Author Notes

1686 Land records Surry Co VA Bk? pg? _ Indenture William Cockerham to William Harris 150 acres in Hog Island Maine granted to William Spencer late of the Co dec 1 Feb 1638 .."Land twixt said Cockerham and Robert Barham, orphan to...(this land deeded by Harris Taylor gson of William Harris to John Holt 20 Feb 1739).
1691 Will records Surry Co Bk1694/1709 pg358 - Will of John Barnes dated 2 Mar 1691. probated 2 Jun 1691 - What is due me from my kinsman Robert Barham, son of Charles Barham late of March the Hundred, dec..be paid. - names son John Tooke wife Jane, daus Sarah and Suannah wit Sam Newton, Ar Allen Thomas Binns ( note: Jane ____ md 1 William Tooke (will 1675) md 2 this John Barnes 3 Thomas Bowman (estate ret 1699) Wm Ridley's 1671 will left 4 children of Wm Tooke of which Charles Barham was exec).
1695 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1694/1709 pg188 - Robert Hart, William Williams and Robert Barham on tithe list - 10 Jun 1695.
1695 Order records Surry Co VA Bk1691/1713 pg 105 - Robert Barham orphan of Capt Charles Barham, being now in court and having no settled place to live is being gone from Thomas Binns whith whom he lately dwelt, and the said Binns refusing to take him again, at his request he is placed with Robert Hart, who promiseth to give him 2 months schooling each year.. and provide his maintenance, etc - 3 Jul 1695 (did Robert Hart marry Priscilla Barham, dau of Capt Charles and sister to orphan Robert - Robert Hart became a tithable in 1683 so was b 1666/7. Priscilla Barham mentioned in Wm Ridley will of 1671. Robert Hart's will probated in 1720 makes bequest wife Priscilla - did Elizabeth Barham dau of Capt Charles and sister of Priscilla and orphan Robert marry Thomas Binns who was a tithable in 1675 born in 1658/9 and died without a will in 1699).
1696 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1694/1709 pg108 - Robert Hart and Robert Barham on tithe list - 10 Jun 1696.
1698 Order records Surry Co VA Bk1691/1713 pg108 - Robert Barham petitions the court saying he is very near full age and desires the benefit of his labor. Robert Hart with whom he was placed was present and consented - 4 Jan 1698.

1698 Will record Surry Co Bk1694/1709 - Thomas Holt, Robert Barham, William Isbell on Tithe list - 10 Jun 1698 - (Thomas Holt's first wife was Frances Mason dau of Francis and Elizabeth, Francis Mason's will calls Thomas Holt son-in-law (Bk1694/1709 pg 116). Elizabeth Mason wife of Francis and mother to Thomas Holt was widow of Thomas Binns Sr who d 1669 without a will. As Mrs Elizabeth Binns she patented 777 acres on 18 Oct 1669 (Pat Bk6 pg181). On 6 May 1701 as Elizabeth Mason she deeded 388.5 acres to gson Francis Holt and 388.5 acres to gson Francis Mason and "if he dies to gson Charles Binns" (Surry will Bk1694/1709 pg 225). Thus Frances Mason Holt, lst wife of Thomas Holt, was half sister to Thomas Binns Jr. It seems significant that orphan Robert Barham lived successively with Thomas Binns, Robert Hart and Thomas Holt). 1699 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1694/1709 pg192 - John Hancock and Robert Barham on Tithe list - 10 Jun 1699 (John Hancock md Jane Holt, dau of Randall and Elizabeth and sister of Thomas Holt according to will of Elizabeth Holt ______ (Bk1694/1709 pg411). 1700 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1694/1709 pg207 - Robert Barham and Joseph Lane on tithe list - 10 Jun 1700. b) Marriage record abt 1700 to Elizabeth Clarke per what?. 1701 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1694/1709 pg 232 - Robert Barham on tithe list - 10 Jun 1701. 1702 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1694/1709 pg___ - Robert Barham and William Smith on tithe list - 10 Jun 1702. 1703 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1694/1709 pg288 - Robert Barham and Wimmiam smith on tithe list - 10 Jun 1702. 1704 Surry Co Quit Rent Rools VA Mag hist vol29 pg18/28 - Robert Barham 650 acres. 1712 Will record Surry co VA Bk1709/15 pg105 - Jury to determine boundaries of land of Robert Flake, Robert Barham, Thomas Lane, William Holt, William Ruffin, Janes Brutton, Edward Brown, William Little, John Sugar, Arthur Davis, John Phillips, and Hustis Grimes - 21 May 1712. 1714 Order records Surry Co Bk1713/19 pg105 - Robert Barham on Grand jury - 11 May 1714. 1717 told they could keep the plantation they now lived on in father-in-law John Clarke's will - wp 15 May 1717. 1726 Will record Surry Co VA Bk1715/30 pg637 - Estate of William Holt appraised by Robert Barham, John Ruffin, Carter Crafford - 11 Jun 1726. 1737 Received money from sale of estate of Samuel Sands - 16 Nov 1737 pg 759. c) Death record - Will reocrds Southhampton Co VA Bk 1 pg331 dated 18 Jan 1748 probated 14 Aug 1760 Inv 12 Feb 1761 Robert Barham (Sr) of Southwarke Parish Surry VA names sons Charles, Robert, John, Thomas, Benjamin and daus Martha, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sarah - Execs dau Elizabeth and son Charles.