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Annabet Ruth SARGENT


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The Early History of Ransom County, Including References to Sargent County, 1835-1885 - Page 12


CONTENTS 1. General Description. Location, sixe and drainage, 5, 6Topography and capaci- ties, 6, 7Railroad facilities, population, landmarks, 7, S Aborigines, 9The Sbevenne, and diverse spellings, 9, 10 Sargent County, li--Township diagram of Ransom Co., IS. II. Fur Companies and the Fur Trade. Inception of the fur trade, 13Early fur trading in North America, 13, 14The Hudson Bav Company, 15 The French in the Northwest, 18 The Northwest Company, 20Early posts on Red river, 21, 22Later organized companies, 22, 23 III. Some Government Expeditions. First visitants to Ransom County probably fur traders, 24 Featberstonhaugh visits the Coteau des Prairies, 25The ex- pedition of Jean N. Nicollet, 26At Devils lake and in Ra** nom County, 27, 28 - Nicollets map, 28His methods and work, 30 --Injustice to Nicollet's memory, 3I---Capt. E. V. Sumner, 32The Oregon trail, 32Gen. Sibleys march through Ransom County, 33, 35Fort Ransom, 36, 37Tha government freighters, 38, 40. IV. Civil Organization and Settlement. Creation of counties. 41 The earliest settlers. 43, 44Two classes of settlers, 45Remarks on the timber settlers, 46, 47 Drouth year, 48The government survey, 49How the townships were yrbdivided, 50, 57Claim shack days, 54, 57 County organization, 58The Big slough, 59Glacial in* fluenccs and effects, 60, 6iKarly days …

Selections From the Diary and Correspondence of John G. Sargent, a Minister of the Society of Friends - Page 91


70 SEIjECTIONS from the diaby and 1858] and living way, the ancient path, in which the righteous in all ages ever walked. Now this remains, that we always feel our hearts engaged to walk in this way, and to keep sensible of that power which saveth from evil, that we may adorn our profession; for if any that profess this everlasting way enter into temptation, or commit evil, they do not adorn their profession, but are a scandal to it, and lay a stumbling-block in the way of others, who are where we were when wandering in desolate places, and travelling in the desert howling wilderness.The day of such will be turned into darkness, and the curse due to him that lays a stumbling-block in the way of the blind, and that leadeth him out of his way, will fall upon them.Therefore it concerns all to be watchful, and persevere in that which is good, to be as lights of the world, and as the salt of the earth indeed, that we may never leave shining nor lose our savour. Whatsoever was written afore time was written for our learning, and it is pro- fitable to meditate and consider that many in former ages had much experience of the power and presence of the Lord, saw many of his wondrous works, and travelled through the Bed Sea and wilderness to the borders of the promised land; yet, through murmuring and disobedience entered not therein, nor did enjoy the end of the Lord in bringing them out of Egypt's land, and many may in this age fall short, as they did, if we walk not close with the Lord, and learn, by what is written, …

Sargent record : William Sargent of Ipswich, Newbury, Hampton, Salisbury and Amesbury, New England, U.S., with his descendants and their intermarriages, and other Sargent branches - Page 313


SARGENT RECORD. 301 Sargent, Elizabeth A. 136, 234 855, 1203 Elizabeth A. (Dalton) 402 Elizabeth A. (French) 1612 Elizabeth A. (Head) 1259 Elizabeth A. (Roberts) 1194 Elizabeth (Bartlett) 276 585 Elizabeth (Beedle) . 109 Elizabeth (Bodwell) 78 Elizabeth (Bothwell) 632 Elizabeth (Burbank) 1373 Elizabeth (Bnrpee) 287 Elizabeth (Buswell) 108 Elizabeth C. . 199, 405 ! Elizabeth C. (Bigelow) 758 Elizabeth (Camp) Elizabeth (Carr) Elizabeth (Chase) El El El El El El El El El El El El El El El El …

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Annabet Ruth SARGENT is a member of the SARGENT Family.

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