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James Talbott

2 Feb 1794 Elizabethtown, Hardin, Kentucky, United States
15 Aug 1850 , Putnam, Indiana, United States

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James Talbott's Family Relations

Edward Talbott
25 May 1765 – 20 Mar 1841
Lethe Magruder
21 Nov 1771 – 3 Aug 1839

Nathaniel Magruder Talbott
17 Mar 1805 – Jul 1872

Margaret Gibbons
16 Nov 1807 – 22 Mar 1848
April 22, 1828
, Putnam, Indiana, United States

Sarah E. Talbott
30 Jun 1836 – 1906

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J. Fred. C. Talbott (Late a Representative From Maryland) Memorial Addresses - Page 27


Address of Mr. Padgett, of Tennessee Mr. Speaker: I regret that the poverty of my language will deny to me both the opportunity and the privilege of adequately expressing the deep sense of appreciation of the high character and the warm personal friendship that I entertained for Mr. Talbott. For 12 or 14 years, labor- ing together on the Naval Committee of the House, we wTere associated very closely and very tenderly, and dur- ing all those years there was naught else for him except the very highest regard and the tenderest feelings. I regarded him as a man of high character, noble im- pulses, and lofty aspirations, a man who was intensely devoted to the interests and the welfare and the success of the American Navy. He was proud of the history of the Navy. He had a high esteem for the officers and the men of the Navy, and never at any time did there come to him any thought except the thought of devoting the best efforts, the best aims, and the best purposes of his life to the upbuilding and the stabilizing of the American Navy. And I can truly say that the Navy, and, beyond the Navy, the country, owes him a deep sense of appreciation for his untiring effort and his unceasing labor for placing the American Navy upon the pedestal of respect …

J. Fred. C. Talbott (Late a Representative From Maryland) Memorial Addresses - Page 39


Address of Mr. Benson, of Maryland Mr. Speaker: No one appreciates more than I do my inability to say anything that would add to the high esteem in which we all hold the memory of the late Hon. J. Fred. C. Talbott. My first recollection of Mr. Talbott goes back to the days when he was bitterly opposed in the primaries, when my father was opposed to him on one occasion. There was a paper published in our countythe name of which I have forgottenand it came to our home. I, then a boy of 10 or 12 years of age, had been reading this paper, and had formed a very unfavorable and unfair opinion of him based upon what that paper contained. About that time, upon leaving my fathers office one day, I met Mr. Talbott on his way to Calvert Station in Baltimore and walked with him about two squares; and from that day until his death we were friends. As a boy I was impressed by his wonderful kindliness, his keen sense of humor, and his friendly treatment of me, the son of his principal opponent. My relations with Mr. Talbott were very intimate. I know that he would have made a brilliant success as a lawyer and that his sound business judgment would have brought him success in any field of endeavor that he might have chosen. But, as we all know, he chose …

J. Fred. C. Talbott (Late a Representative From Maryland) Memorial Addresses - Page 10


Memorial Addresses: Representative Talbott Resolved, That a committee of 12 Senators be appointed by the Vice President, to join the committee appointed on the part of the House of Representatives, to attend the funeral of the deceased. R'solved, That the Secretary communicate a copy of these reso- lutions to the House of Representatives. Resolved, That as a further mark of respect the Senate do now adjourn. And that under the second resolution the Vice President had appointed as the committee on the part of the Senate Mr. Martin of Virginia, Mr. Bankhead, Mr. Williams, Mr. Underwood, Mr. Saulsbury, Mr. Smith of Maryland, Mr. Lodge, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Penrose, Mr. Dillingham, Mr. Gerry, and Mr. France. Friday, January 3, 1919 . Mr. Linthicum. Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent that Sunday, February 9, 1919 , be set aside for addresses on the life, character, and public services of the Hon. J. Frederick C. Talbott, late a Representative from the State of Maryland. The …

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