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Elizabeth Mahala Franklin

23 Apr 1846 Owlhollow, Franklin, Tennessee, United States
9 Dec 1983 OGDEN - Ogden Utah
5 Jan 1930 , Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Franklin Cemetery, Winchester, Franklin, Tennessee

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Elizabeth Mahala Franklin's Family Relations


Calvin Renegar
30 Sep 1837 – 13 Feb 1913
November 3, 1865
, Franklin, Tennessee, United States

William Joseph Renegar
5 Mar 1867 – 4 Nov 1949
Arenia Mahala Renegar
23 Aug 1868 – Jun 1949
Musadora Catherine Renegar
21 Jul 1871 – 2 Jun 1953
Martha Annie Renegar
Mar 1875 – 16 Jun 1934
James Calvin Renegar
24 Sep 1878 – 21 May 1940
Sarah Elizabeth Renegar
4 Mar 1882 – 29 Dec 1962
Flossie Theora Renegar
Feb 1888 – 12 Dec 1960

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Annual Report of Franklin, New Hampshire 1891 (Volume 1891) - Page 48


Prosecuting Agent's Report To the citizens of Franklin :Your prosecuting agent pre- sents the following detailed report of his transactions during the year, showing every complaint made, the receipts and ex- penditures, and such other information as may be of interest: March 12. Walter H. Shaw, drunkenness. Plea, guilty. Disclosed that the liquor causing his intoxication was bought of Albert D. Stevens. Expense, S. F. Danforth, magistrate $1 50 J. B. Callev, officer 2 62 E. G. Leach, counsel 8 00 March 12. A. D. Stevens, selling liquor to W. II. Shaw. Before the warrant could be served Stevens left town. Expense, E. G. Leach, counsel $3 00 March 12. A. D. Stevens, common seller. Warrant not served for the reason stated in the foregoing. Expense, E. G. Leach, counsel $3 co March 19. Richard H. Renshaw. Keeping for sale lager beer. Plea, guilty. Fine $10 00 Costs 7 79 Expense. F. E. Elder, magistrate $1 67 J. W. Davis, officer 2 62 Sanborn & Hardy, counsel S 00

Arctic Searching Expedition: a Journal of a Boat-Voyage Through Ruperts Land and the Arctic Sea, in Search of the Discovery Ships Under Command of Sir John Franklin. With an Appendix on the Physical Geography of North America (Volume 2) - Page 123


ARRIVAL OF SUMMER BIRDS. 107 garb, and were winging their way to the valley of the Mackenzie, where the season is earlier. Geese, according to Mr. Bells information, arrive at Peel River Fort, upwards of two degrees farther north, from the 12th to the 15th of May, rarely varying above a day or two, the 15th being the date of their coming in backward seasons. At that time they find the marshy places bare of snow, and can procure the roots of bents and other plants on which they feed. There, as elsewhere, the Canada geese precede the snow geese a day or two. The Hutchins geese* come later, and pass high overhead towards the north. The Indians believe that a small finch (Plectrophanes lapponica) avails itself of the strength of wing of the Hutchins goose, and nestles among its feathers during its flight. When a goose is shot, they often see the small bird flying from it. Neither Mr. Rae nor I noticed such an occurrence, nor did I obtain a confirmation of it from the personal observation of any of the gentlemen resident in the country, but it is generally affirmed by the Indians. While we were at Fort Franklin, Mr. Bell, who was employed all day in shooting geese, pointed out to me a fact in the natural history of the snow and laughing geese. Though they …

Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the Municipal Government of the City of Franklin, 1921 (Volume 1921) - Page 70


66 CITY OF FRANKLIN December 22. Still alarm. Chimney fire. House owned by Dr. Beaton. Occupied by E. M. Willard, Pleasant street. December 22. Still alarm. Chimney fire. House occupied by Joseph Sanderson. December 23. Still alarm. Chimney fire. House owned by Harry Gilchrist. December 25. Still alarm. Chimney fire at P. J. Cunninghams, Railroad street. December 26. Still alarm. Chimney fire. House owned by O. A. Towne. Occupied by Charles Dodge. December 28. Still alarm. Kropp farm. December 29. Still alarm. Chimney fire. House owned by Harry Gilchrist. Bell alarms, 20. Still alarms, 103. I

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Elizabeth Mahala Franklin is a member of the Franklin Family.

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