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Nathaniel TRIPP

1549 Skirbeck, Lincolnshire, England

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1575 –

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Genealogy of the Stevens and Tripp and allied families: from 1520 to 1906 - Page 93


2. Elizabeth, bom 16S7. 3. Robert, born 16S9, died 1763, married Alice Anthony 1719. 4. James, born 1694, married Anna Cook 1719. 5. Mary, born 1700, married Daniel Stoddard. By his third wife, Jblizabetn Cuds worth, he had: 1. Lydia, born April 3, 1707 , married Wm. Thurston. 2. Thankful, born Mar. 8, 1709 , married John Cooke. 3. Stephen, bom Sept. 30, 17x0, married Alice Manchester. 4. Israel, born Mar. 22, 1716 , married Elizabeth Bentley. 5. Isabel, born Dec. 31, 1713 . Robert Tripp and Alice Anthony had: 1. Gideon, bom 1737, married Amy Shippe in 1758. 2. James. 3. …

Genealogy of the Stevens and Tripp and allied families: from 1520 to 1906 - Page 111


WHITE. Wm. White born in Eng. 1590, m. Susanna Tilley, daughter of ----- and ------- Tilley, at Leyden, 1612. Wm. with his wife and son, Resolved age 6, came to America on the May- flower. Dec. 19, 1620 , when within Plymouth harbor, and before landing, another son was born whom they named Perigene. (The cradle of old Dutch pattern is still in pos- session of the Boston Hist. Society.) Feb. 12, 1621 , Wm. White died of the general sickness and his wife afterward m. Gov. Winslow. Perigene grew to manhood, tall, manly, and of handsome appearance, and the position he held as a member of Gov. Winslows household gave him many ad- vantages. He m. Sarah Basset, daughter of William, 1654. His children were: Daniel b. 1656; Johnathan June 4, 1658 ; Sylvanus 1660; Peregene 1662; Sarah Oct., 1663 ; Mercy 1665. 'Sarah m. Thos. Youngs, died Aug. 9, 1755 , age 92 years. Mercy m. Wm. …

Genealogy of the Stevens and Tripp and allied families: from 1520 to 1906 - Page 83


TRIPP OR TRIPPE. The name of Trippe is of Dutch origin. The first of that name to come to America was John Trippe. He was born in England in 1610. Came to America in 1635. He, with Power Williams and others came to Aquidneck Pond, now Portsmouth, R. I., in 1038. He was one of the signers of the compact, April 30, 1633 . On Nov. 30. 1643, he bought three acres of ground next to Thomas Gorton. In 1647 he was granted Hog Island. He married Mary, daughter of Anthony and Rose Weeden Payne, 1639. He was a very influential man in the community, was a member of town council, a member of the board of General Court of Tryalls, Deputy to General Assembly, 1642, 54, 55, 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 6S, 69, 72, and Assistant from Portsmouth from 1670 to 1675. He died …

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