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Mrs. James Walsh


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Mrs. James Walsh's Family Relations

John Sullivan
24 Jun 1842 –
Mary Sullivan
1842 –

Thomas J. Sullivan
15 Mar 1866 – 10 Oct 1930

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Walsh County, North Dakota, in the World War - Page 17


ELGIN EVENS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Even Evens, Voss. Was born in Minto, N. Dak., Feb. 9, 1888 . At- tended the Walsh Centre township school and had been engaged in farming- nearly all his life. En- tered the service May 27, 1918 . Served at Camp Lewis with the 22nd Co., 6th Bn., 166th Depot Brigade, for one month. He was transferred to Camp Kearney where he spent one month. From there to Mills where he was transferred to Co. E., 128th Inf. A. E. F. going overseas in August. Al- most immediately he was sent to the front. He was killed November 10, 1918 . Lieut. OLIVER E. ELLINGSON, was born at Park River, June 13, 1893 . He enlisted at St. Paul. June 16, 1916 with Co. H., 1st Minn. Inf. Served on the Mexican Border. He accompanied his regi- ment to Camp Cody anil there …

The Life and Labors of Rev. Thomas Walsh, the Irish Methodist Preacher - Page 23


18 THOMAS WALSH. ligion. Such measures as he used did, no doubt, in a great degree, curtail a number of those sins in his outward life. Hut this was no cause of rejoicing on his part far from it. It would rather seem that his real misery now began, for the Spirit of God began to apply the demands of the evangelical law to his heart. Previous to this it was those outward and visible sins which appeared so conspicuous to his mental vision. Now that these were cut off, he saw the cause of their existence, and like as a tree cut level with the ground presently shoots forth into life again, not one tree, but many, so were his sins. I he law, taking occasion of his better knowledge of right and wrong, thrust sore at him, and slew every hope of his attaining victor- over his depraved nature. A ll his prayers and confess! as, his sighs and Krans, could not free him from the body of death H e truly began to feel, O wretched man that I am, and his life became burdensome. Not having any delight in the pleasures of this world and failing to derive any comfort from his repeated confessions to the priest, he was at times almost in despair. H ad he been like some who smother their convictions by resorting to worldly amusements, or resting satisfied with what others said, that he was good enough without all this ado, he m ight have been at ease ; but the H oly Spirit was knocking at his heart with such unmistakable evidences, that to hush them was in vain. Besides, he …

Walsh County, North Dakota, in the World War - Page 162


LUTHERAN DRIVE FOR SOLDIERS AND SAILORS WELFARE During the early' part of the year 1918, the Lutherans thruout the United States conceived of the idea of aiding the soldiers and sailors of this country by sending pastors to the camps and to the battlefront, so that the boys would have one of their ministers near them while they were facing death in behalf of a great cause. A meeting was called by State Chairman R. A. Nestos, of Minot, of all the county chairmen in the northeastern part of the state on the 9th day of February, 1918 . Here plans were made for the carrying on of a successful campaign for funds to finance our share of the great work. L. O. Torbleaa was appointed chairman of Walsh county, and he in turn ap- pointed the following local chairmen for the county: Edwin A. Swiggum, Grafton, U. N. L. Church. Rev. Mr. Munkvold, Grafton, Hauges Lutheran. Rev. A. Egge, Hoople. Rev. J. A. Bjerke, Park River. Rev. M. O. Silseth, Lankin Rev. G. Kluxdal, Adams Rev. J. T. Langemo, Edinburg. Rev. A. T. Krogstad, Edinburg. Rev. P. O. Laurhammer, Fairdale. The above named men appointed committees in their districts, and the drive was launched from February 18th to February 26th, 1918 , the committees meeting with …

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Mrs. James Walsh is a member of the Walsh Family.

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